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Hawaiian Baked Rice

Hawaiian Baked Rice Recipe
First posted in Oct 2009, updated in Jan 2015

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If you love Hawaiian pizza with the winning combination of pineapples and ham, I am sure you will love this sunny Hawaiian baked rice as well. The sweetness of the pineapples balance the savoury creamy mushroom soup (straight from the can) sauce, ham and cheese.

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If you have a small party to feed, this will be a great recipe to try out as it’s filling and noob proof. Bake this in any oven-safe cookware, or disposable aluminium party tray if you don’t feel like washing up later.

Hawaiian Baked Rice Recipe
Pineapple and ham baked rice, straight off the oven

58 comments on “Hawaiian Baked Rice”

  1. i am melting sooo delicious!!

  2. wowww aloha oi! i lovee using pineapple when cooking so i must must must love this baked rice. brilliant idea, wiffy. very creative!

  3. Umm Hello NoobCook!!!!!! I can’t believe how delicious and easy this recipe is. Is it ironic that my two favorites side items are rice and cheese. Now to combine the two is just way rad! Considering I cook rice everyday, this recipe is almost effortless. Thanks for sharing and will probably be making this tomorrow.

    • hehe, u tried it already or going to try it? Let me know your feedback about the taste :halo: Thanks for your comment :)

    • Oh I am going to try this tomorrow, it’s 1212midnight right now or else I’d get started on this right away. Thats how serious I am about this dish. Lately I’ve been hitting the Wok heavy and just want to lay off of it for a few days and bake, so this works perfectly and I will let you know how it works it.
      Thanks again. :D

  4. hi, is there a sub. for the mushroom soup? i never buy the stuff, and i don’t want to waste a can just for a couple tablespoons…..but i’m seriously dying to make this rice. i can’t resist the pineapple-ham combo.

    • hi b, you can freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays, that’s what I always do. I even use the soup as a base for my mushroom pizza sometimes (instead of the usual tomato pizza sauce). Anyway, you can also substitute with mayonnaise or even cream. Hope you like the recipe! Let me know your feedback if any :)

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  9. Hi! Was just trying out this recipe, and some of your other recipes, and found that one of the steps is often to “stir-fry” uncooked rice in a saucepan first before cooking it in the rice cooker or making it into porridge (I tried your pumpkin porridge recipe too :)) Whats’ the purpose of this step? Can it be skipped? For example, for this baked rice recipe, can i just melt the butter in a microwave, mix toss it into rice cooker directly with washed, uncooked rice and mix it with salt and pepper?
    Sorry if its a silly question. I am really a novice at cooking and i really appreciate your step by step instructions. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. You have no idea how useful they have been for this mother of two young kids! :)

    • Hi anyhowcook, the purpose is to infuse the flavours into the rice. but yes, it can be skipped …. sometimes I do the short-cut way you described, everything in the rice cooker for convenience. It’s not a silly question at all, thanks for your kind words :)

  10. GOSH! This recipe is good! I followed all the steps and stuffs and my baked rice turned out good! My family said it was good and it was only my first time doing it! Gotta love your website.
    Just one suggestion. There is no need for 150g of Cheddar cheese. I believe u can cut down to around 80g cause the main taste of cheese comes from Mozzarella. Cheddar just act as a boost to the taste.
    Thanks anyway for the recipe! =)

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