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Seafood Pita Pizza

Seafood Pita Pizza

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As a noob cook, I embrace the short-cut, do-not-make-everything-from-scratch style of cooking. This is a cheater’s pizza using the shortcut method of using pita bread as pizza crust. This pizza  is easy to assemble and only take less than 15 minutes to bake to bake. For more information about pita pizzas, check out my detailed write-up here.

Seafood Pita Pizza

36 comments on “Seafood Pita Pizza”

  1. I prefer the thin pita bread. :)
    Can’t wait to see the new changes to your blog.

  2. I was wondering when you would be posting one of your quick 15 mins meals .. and heh presto! This looks absolutely good – simple, quick and yummy!

  3. My kind of recipe – have yet to try the pizza recipes – my sis-in-law made a couple few weeks ago tasted great!

  4. I have been craving shrimp pizza! So yummy!

  5. Hi Wiffy, i have become your fans. :)
    Where did you buy your paper thin pita bread ? Is it expensive?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi cindy, I bought it at NTUC White Sands. I think it’s about $2+ to 3. You can try tortilla bread (looks very thin too) but they are much more expensive than pita. Hope this helps :)

  6. What a great looking pizza! I like the sound of using a pita for the base.

  7. Oh my gosh, that looks amazing! My absolute favorite pizza is this one with blackened shrimp on it– you should try it!

  8. Hi Wiffy,

    My son enjoyed his creation. My husband ate 2 of his own creation too! I bought the wholemeal pita (thought it’s a healthier choice). Your recipes are fabulous and easy to follow, THANKS!


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