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Fried Tom Yum Seafood Bee Hoon

Tom Yum Bee Hoon Recipe
First posted in May 2009, updated on 21 Oct 2015.

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This is a Thai fushion fried bee hoon dish which will entice tom yum fans. Tom yum lends its signature hot and sour twist to the usual fried bee hoon and the result is addictively irresistible. And this is really simple to whip up using instant tom yum paste (picture of what I used on the next page). This same recipe works well with tang hoon (mung bean glass noodles), too.

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For this seafood version, I added mussels and scallops (what I had in the freezer that day). You can also use salmon fillet, prawns, or replace seafood with anything you fancy (such as cabbage or shiitake mushrooms). The fried bee hoon tastes great on its own without additional ingredients too.

Tom Yum Bee Hoon Recipe

38 comments on “Fried Tom Yum Seafood Bee Hoon”

  1. It looks delicious and looks much better than a restaurant plate of noodles :). I like that you added many different spices, meats, and vegetables so that one is not just eating noodles.

  2. i always loveee tomyum flavor. on anything, including sorbet and cheesecake hehehe

  3. looking at your pic made me hungry.. this looks soo good. i’m definitely going to try this..by the way, glass noodles in our dialect is also “bee-hon”, just spelled as “bihon”. cool.

  4. This might sound weird, but the use of lemongrass makes this extra mouthwatering. It smells so good as it cooks.

  5. This dish sounds so interesting and delicious! I will try this soon! :)

  6. wow, I love this dish!! thanks for the recipe, I’m so going to try this :)

  7. That looks amazing! Call me crazy, but I never used to like beehoon. Something about not being able to really sink your teeth into such thin noodles. Mind you, I love cooking with them now!

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  9. Hi Wiffy,
    I’m a KL girl living in Sydney, stumbled upon your website when I was Googling for Easy Recipes.
    I cooked this today…..PERFECTION!!!!! I cannot believe something SO…………easy can taste this good.THANK YOU!!! You made my day!

  10. this is a great recipe, fantastic results. and so easy to make!
    thanks for sharing! it’s now on my hubby’s list of favourite home-cooked meals.

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