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Fried Bee Hoon

Fried Bee Hoon Recipe
First posted in Jun 2010, updated on 23 Nov 2015.

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I love plain fried rice vermicelli (炒米粉). More commonly known as “bee hoon” or “bihun” (米粉) by the locals, these thin noodles are made from rice. Plain fried bee hoon is one of the staples (along with rice and other fried noodles) that you can choose from when you order food at “economical bee hoon” or vegetarian food stalls in Singapore.

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Even though the bee hoon is so-called plain, they taste nice on its own due to the soy seasonings. Growing up, I love to eat plain bee hoon with just Sinsin garlic chilli sauce. That being said, they are usually complemented with homely dishes such as curry vegetables, sambal long beans and simple stir-fried cabbage. It is also popular party food as it go well with almost every finger food like fried chicken, plus the noodles can be left be left on the table for a few hours without becoming soggy.

Fried Bee Hoon Recipe

71 comments on “Fried Bee Hoon”

  1. How interesting! This is actually the first time I heard of “economical bee hoon”! I have no idea they served this in Singapore.

    • Economical bee hoon is common in Singapore hawker stalls. Usually sold together with Nasi lemak and you can pick and choose what you like :)

  2. I like fried bee hoon for breakfast. I usually pick cabbage, sambal long beans and fried egg to go with it. Heee heee..sounds sinful but I like it. Did I hear a party? I also want to get invited to eat all you have prepared…bee hoon with curry veg…*thick-skinned* …lol

    • I pick chicken wings, sambal long beans and luncheon meat/egg … even more sinful selection :p I think it’ll be cool if we get to cook together … at least we kind of like the same type of food hehe

  3. I never cook bee hoon so plain before, Thanks for sharing, next time I also like to cook this way, simple and nice !

  4. Your bee hoon looks wonderful with the long vermicelli strands (not broken). Fried bee hoon is my comfort food and favourite all-day meal. Like you, I like to eat it with luncheon meat too ^^

    • By the way, I just came back to Singapore to settle some matters and am planning to buy a 3kg pack of dried bee hoon back to Beijing with me. As bee hoon is considered food from the southern provinces, it is not available in the Northern Capital (北京) :-)

    • wow 3kg!! I never imagined that 北京 do not sell bee hoon … all long I assume that it will be readily available since it’s Asian food. I think sometimes we really take the things we see everyday for granted :)

  5. I love this! Especially topped with the chicken wings! So easy but so delicious!

  6. Bee hoon with curry…yum yum!

  7. I love bee hoon, I usually cook it with all the meat and veggies mixed in it…yours look so yummie with the chicken wing :-)

  8. Ooh this looks good and just like the breakfast/supper type of noodles I would buy at the market.

  9. Beehoon with curry is like THE signature meal at any parties here. Humble yet delectably satisfying!

  10. Beehoon! Hah! Ive always turned my nose up at this food. I couldnt stand the sight of it and I wouldnt touch it even if my life depended on it! Then came the time in my life where I decided to cut back on fancy dining and eat whats commonly sold everywhere. Tried beehoon and still didnt appeal to my palate. Somehow….this food caught my attention when I read its actually a low/medium GI food. Thats when I gravitated to it n fell in love with it. I now cook beehoon with chopped button mushrms and slices of sirloin! delicious! Just made a big wok of it with brocolli, cauliflower n carrots with beef slices. Go ahead and eat your beehoon I say now its good for u!

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