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Foil-Wrapped Herbal Chicken

I love Chinese herbs. I happily breathe in the pleasant herbal aroma whenever I walk pass Chinese medical halls. And I especially love the taste of dang gui. Some people may say it’s not the best herb around because it is considered “heaty”, but to me, everything is fine in moderation. Just avoid dang gui during ‘that time of the month’ and drink more water after consuming it.

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This is a simple home-cooked version of the Chinese herbal chicken. Buying the herbs individually is definitely more economical than buying the pre-packaged mixes, and you can always experiment using the leftover herbs for other soups and dishes.

27 comments on “Foil-Wrapped Herbal Chicken”

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  3. I love herbal chicken too! But didn’t dare to eat often cos of the heatiness. I like the intro to the different herbs. I can only name out a few basic ones. lol

  4. “I am the type who happily breathe in the pleasant tonicky aroma whenever I walk pass chinese medical halls.”

    Haha, I have that habit too! It makes me feel healthy for an instance! =D

  5. I love dang gui too! It’s the female ginseng leh. I think it’s good! I love it with prawns!
    My confinement lady used to make dang gui egg for me … think tea eggs … sooooo nice!!

  6. It needs more than 35 minutes to cook…. I think 1 hour.

  7. Hendra … that’s why I mention in the instructions that after 35 mins, you need to open up the parcel to flip the chicken and steam for another 10 mins… however, if you don’t flip, I guess steaming it for an hour will cook it too :)

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  9. Can i use microwave to cook it?

  10. Hi Winly, metal (aluminium foil, spoon, container)in microwave oven – is a huge no no. It will cause sparks and even fire. For more info read these::



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