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Curry Chicken Noodles

Curry Chicken Noodles

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It has been raining almost every evening, so I thought I will make a hearty comfort meal of curry chicken to enjoy in the cooler weather. I decided to turn the curry into a one-dish meal by adding noodles, just like the popular curry chicken noodles from Hong Lim Food Centre which my family loves. I use instant chicken paste so this turns out to be a easy and fuss-free one-dish meal. Tofu puffs (tau pok), fish cake slices, potatoes and shredded chicken are added for a complete meal. The result was really satisfying.

Curry Chicken Noodles

24 comments on “Curry Chicken Noodles”

  1. Curry chicken is my family’s all time favourite, comfy and yummy.

  2. ooo.. I am such a fan of chicken curry noodles too!!! And just like you, I like the A1 curry pastes when I am feeling lazy.

  3. Love all these – fast, fragrant, spicy, noodles – in one dish : ).

  4. I also want a bowl of this delicious curry noodles. I’ll gather all the ingredients tomorrow to make this one-dish meal. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Indeed a good one-dish meal for the rainy days. The spice will be magic :)

  6. Once again, you have given me another idea of how to create those delicious hawker food at home. And we can make healthier versions too :)

  7. Looks absolutely yummy!!

  8. Good for any season! My type of comfort food.

  9. I love it at anytime. Next time I must give this A1 brand a try.

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