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Honey Cornflakes Cups

With Chinese New Year (CNY) just around the corner, these honey cornflakes cups (aka Honey Joys) is the perfect recipe if you are looking for a last-minute CNY snack which is fast and easy to make. There are only four ingredients in this recipe – namely cornflakes, honey, butter and coloured sprinkles.

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Honey Cornflakes Cups (Honey Joys)

Crushed cornflakes are coated with a sticky honey butter mixture, and then spooned into cute mini cases topped with coloured sprinkles before baking. After cooled, the cornflakes will harden into one piece in the cup like a cookie. There are various recipes out there, and some call for half honey and half sugar while some (like this recipe) uses only honey. I personally tried both variations and everyone prefer the version without sugar, as it is less sweet and the extra honey also enables the cornflakes to bind better together.

Honey Joys

59 comments on “Honey Cornflakes Cups”

  1. This is called Honey Joy too! And I think it works perfectly well just with honey too. It’s dangerous to make this at home because they disappear way too quickly!

  2. Are we able to use microwave instead of oven??

  3. Tasty and fun to eat!

  4. Hihi,
    Mine is a conventional microwave oven and the temp is prefixed. Do I use 140 or 160 degree Celsius? Thanks!

  5. Great post! I’m waiting for this recipe!

  6. Was looking for this recipe and this was the easiest version I found. Love the pretty sprinkles too!

  7. Hi
    Can check how u maintain the mini case without it spread open?
    I have the trouble maintaing the shape of the mini cups. By the way where you get the mini case from?

    • I didn’t do anything. It doesn’t spread out at all after baking, unlike muffins or cupcakes where you need to put the cases in muffin tins. I bought them from NTUC.

  8. Now this is my kind of recipe! :D So yummy and cute with punchi sprinkles!

  9. Wiffy, yours is the best I ever eaten! It is so fluffy and crunchy, feels very light in the mouth unlike those that are sold outside and ‘others who offered me’. Nice.

    I wonder if I can follow your recipe using the airfryer though. It looks simple to make.

    • hey kisetsu, so glad you like it!! :) it’s really easy and I made them within 30 minutes. I think with air fryer, you can try lower temperature or shorter time, since air fryer is faster & hotter than oven. Tell me how it goes if you do try it, maybe I can update the air fryer timing in the recipe :)

  10. I like it that there is no sugar added, sounds healthier :) I couldn’t stop at 1 :p

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