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Honey Cornflakes Cups

With Chinese New Year (CNY) just around the corner, these honey cornflakes cups (aka Honey Joys) is the perfect recipe if you are looking for a last-minute CNY snack which is fast and easy to make. There are only four ingredients in this recipe – namely cornflakes, honey, butter and coloured sprinkles.

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Honey Cornflakes Cups (Honey Joys)

Crushed cornflakes are coated with a sticky honey butter mixture, and then spooned into cute mini cases topped with coloured sprinkles before baking. After cooled, the cornflakes will harden into one piece in the cup like a cookie. There are various recipes out there, and some call for half honey and half sugar while some (like this recipe) uses only honey. I personally tried both variations and everyone prefer the version without sugar, as it is less sweet and the extra honey also enables the cornflakes to bind better together.

Honey Joys

59 comments on “Honey Cornflakes Cups”

  1. Can I use manuka honey instead? Thanks

  2. Hi, my son was talking about a honey cookie he ate during swimming class. So lucky to see your timely posting of this recipe. What brand of honey do you recommend? There are so many types out there. Thanks!

    • I used a cheap brand of 100% pure honey which was about S$5 per bottle. No need to go fancy with the honey for this recipe in my opinion :)

  3. Hey just wondering, does this recipe works with any other cereals?
    The recipe is wonderful! :)

    • You can experiment with other cereal. Just tried it with groXers strawberry cornflakes and they taste great! I am planning on a chocolate version of this recipe so stay tuned for the recipe!

  4. hmmm… a bag of conflakes is about 375g, 150g is alot of cornflakes and i was unable to coat all with just 2 tbsp of honey

    • did you crush the cornflakes beforehand and also measure with weighing scale? I have made this several times with the proportions stated. But feel free to adapt the recipe according to your needs by adding more honey etc

  5. Are the cornflakes measured out first then crushed or crushed first then measured? Because the former would mean about 5 cups of cornflakes and the latter would be 2 cups. I used 2 cups crushed and there seemed to be a lot of butter left in the cases. But it was just the right sweetness and crunchiness!

  6. Hi,

    I tried and the flakes doesnt seems to stick together, what could be the reason?

    • It’s supposed to stick together and lump as one piece by the time u bottle it. Did u measure the quantities? Also, at step 2, use a spatula and stir to coat the cornflakes evenly.

  7. Hi, my kids like it very much. Can I use margarine instead of butter?

  8. May i know, what is the honey brand you use for this recipe ? Thank you.

    • I can’t remember, but there is no particular brand. Personally, I used 100% honey. There is no need to buy expensive ones when used for cooking (in my opinion; I use the premium ones for drinking).

  9. Hi, de we drop in the sprinkle before putting them into the oven? Or later while it’s cooling?(:

  10. Hi, I’ve tried it yesterday and it’s good. Any way to make the texture more sticky though? Does the recipes involving sugar end up more chewy?

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