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Chicken & Daikon Soup (Rice Cooker Recipe)

Chicken & Daikon Soup Recipe

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Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting tigerfish from teczcape when she came back to Singapore for a few days. Tigerfish recently published a cookbook, The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook, and I was really lucky to receive a signed copy from her. Prior to tigerfish’s cookbook, the only thing I know how to cook in the rice cooker is … rice!

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So imagine my pleasant surprise, as I was flipping through the cookbook, to find more than 300 rice cooker recipes. And it’s not just rice you can cook in a rice cooker. Thanks to her cookbook, I learned how to make a hearty pot of chicken and daikon (white radish) soup. This is a nourishing soup with “cooling” & “qi-balancing” properties. Daikon, like luo han guo (monk’s fruit), is known to be good for soothing a sore throat. With the rice cooker method, the water boils quickly and the soup cooks itself with minimal effort (plus, no need to watch the flame like stove top cooking).  The chicken was so tender from the prolonged yet gentle simmering, the meat was practically falling off the bones.

Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook
What I like most about this book is: despite the versatility of rice cooker cooking, you don’t even need a high-end rice cooker to cook the dishes. All the dishes, I was told, can be whipped up in a traditional and inexpensive “keep warm/cook” rice cooker. I think this book is perfect for those into one-pot cooking, and extremely useful for people who wish to expand their range of cooking with minimal appliances. The book brings out the versatility of one-pot cooking teaching you techniques such as steaming, stir-frying, stewing and braising, all in the rice cooker. Now I know that besides rice, I can also cook pasta, congee, seafood, desserts, curries, stews, vegetables and more.

Chicken & Daikon Soup Recipe

I would like to congratulate tigerfish on her cookbook. I must say that despite being academically brilliant, running a successful blog and now, a cookbook author, tigerfish is one of the most humble and down-to-earth person I know. I wish her continued success & more opportunities in future to bring her passions to even greater heights :)

73 comments on “Chicken & Daikon Soup (Rice Cooker Recipe)”

  1. I only use my rice cooker for rice, one-pot rice dishes and porridge. Have to try this!

  2. Excellent idea! Keep these one-pot ideas coming!

  3. Our rice cooker is even more simple – Cook, and Off. No “Warm”. What to do?

    Still, I’d love to get my hands on that cookbook!

    • I think still can. I’ll let the expert advise you haha

    • I may be an expert for cook/warm but not cook/off :p….
      The idea of “warm” function is that the rice cooker is still cooking at low heat…so if it is cook/off…it may not work too well for an extensive range of recipes.

    • actually the cook/off cookers (which is the type I have) is actually cook/warm. It is only off when you unplug it. So to keep warm simply keep the cooker plugged. (This is often how I end up burning the bottom of my rice. Like if I walk away and it finishes before I get back to the kitchen)

    • My rice cooker has a porridge/soup function. Do I still need to follow the steps in the recipe or just use the soup function to cook? Thanks.

    • Hi, you can use the soup function :)

  4. I’m the same as you – all I knew how to cook in the ricecooker was – rice! But I have been curious to try other things ever since I heard of this book. I am going to have a look at the bookstores for it – surely it will come in handy.

  5. wow! so fantastic. i almost always do my soups the old school way – pot, please – but recently I’ve been missing it because I can hardly stand to keep checking on the pot hour after hour as it boils. this sounds great, but intriguing enough to want to get the book to see what the other 299 recipes are! i think it’ll make mom happy too (she’s also working so it might be nice for her to see how convenient it is to whip up something nice for dinner fuss free)

  6. Wiffy, lucky you able to meet up with tigerfish and also got her book :). I guess you are sure busy trying out the many recipes from this book, very look forward.

  7. what a nice meeting it must have been! I know, I have only cooked rice in rice cooker too :) this soup looks delicious!

  8. This soup looks so nourishing and refreshing~ it must be very good for our health as well :)

  9. Wow, tigerfish really got talent in cooking and also compiling her recipe book. 300 recipes, wow!
    This soup looks really nice!

  10. Wiffy, I cook porridge in my rice cooker but now I can try something different. This recipe is great and makes me want to get the recipe book this weekend.

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