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Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

Caesar Salad Wrap

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Caesar Salad, an Italian salad of romaine lettuce dressed in an anchovy-olive oil dressing, is a hit on our family dinner table. Besides enjoying it as a salad, we also love to wrap it in tortilla for a more complete meal – we usually serve one bowl of Caesar salad with one chicken Caesar salad wrap.

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Since our dinner is usually rice or noodles based, having a salad wrap is a much welcome change of taste for us.  Although I didn’t add it that day, you can also add home-made croutons for extra crunch and deliciousness.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

16 comments on “Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap”

  1. I love homemade caesar salad dressing. Your wraps look delicious!

  2. great idea as my daughter like caesar salad now there something new for a change. thank you.

  3. This would make a great lunch box or as a picnic food. Look great!

  4. Light and refreshing. Great for our hot weather.

  5. Re: CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP RECIPE – where is the amount of chicken required and what sort of chicken, i.e, breast, breast fillet, thighs etc indicated in the recipe?

  6. This is a great idea! Love it!

  7. Hi Wiffy
    May I know where to get anchovies fillets including olive oil? What brand is it?
    This is a good recipe to try indeed ;o). Thanks!

    • Hi Felicia, check out page 2 of this post, it shows a photo of the anchovies in packaging… you can get from supermarkets such as NTUC or CS.

  8. My favourite salad and it looks really yummy in the wrap!

  9. Hi Wiffy

    Finally, I tried out this recipe yesterday evening for dinner and my family just love it! I should have done it much-much earlier. This will be a great recipe when there are many children/teenagers coming over for gatherings.

    A quick question: I had made double portion of the dressing yesterday (yup, I was greedy). May I know how long can I keep it inside the fridge? Will it spoil fast?

    Once again, thanks for your recipes, they are just simple wonderful for me ;o).


    • Hi Felicia, thanks for trying out the recipe and glad to hear it’s well-received by your family! Since there are no raw ingredients in the dressing, I would say it should keep well for a few days, wrapped with cling, in the fridge.

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