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Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

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Caesar salad is an Italian salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with an anchovy-olive oil dressing.  I love having Caesar salad at home as it is really easy to make and goes well with any western meal.

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With the home-made version, I can ensure that the dressing consists of the deliciously savoury anchovies fillets which I absolutely love. If you want a more complete meal, you can serve the Caesar salad with cooked chicken breast. For leftover salad, I wrap it in tortilla for a next-day fast and easy Caesar salad wrap (keep the sauce and salad cling-wrapped separately in the fridge).

Caesar Salad Wrap

Leftover Idea: Caesar Salad Wrap

15 comments on “Caesar Salad”

  1. Using quail egg is such a good idea!

  2. do we need to fry or oven bake the anchovy?

    • no need, I use it straight from the tin. Do check out the photos of the anchovy (not the Chinese type) on page two of the recipe.

  3. I love salad even without adding any dressing :D

  4. Caesar Salad is my favorite salad!! My mom makes a wicked homemade version that my sister requests every time that she comes to visit

  5. Looks good and very nice presentation! =)

  6. Did you say you love savoury anchovies fillets? I love it too! Next time I can make salad dressing using them. But I seldom make salads leh, esp. now when it is so cold. Maybe summer? My favorite way of using anchovies fillets is to make anchovy sauce out of it and I tell ya, so easy and so delicious and all done in the oven (no need the stove!). Sauce can be used as pasta sauce + many more. Need to post it up soon. :p
    Sorry…talk abt anchovies fillets, get too excited….kekeke

  7. Looks great in wrap too! Caesar salad is my hubby and daughters favorite salad.

  8. Love Caesar salad! Tangy and delicious!

  9. Greens with anchovy paste is already a good dish to me, how could I resist such a deluxe version!

  10. I have never tried anchovies fillets before. Your caesar salad looks so delicious!! Love how you turn them into different dishes! Very creative!! ;)

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