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Bitter Gourd with Egg

 Bittergourd Egg Stir-Fry

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Note: This is an old recipe from 2007 which has been re-written and updated with new photos.

Bitter gourd is a healthy vegetable and it is known to reduce “heatiness” – a really much-needed attribute for tropical dwellers like me who is living in hot and humid Singapore.

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Bitter gourd is very much an acquired taste for me because when I was a kid, I did not dare to eat it at all, but now I have since grew to love it. This bittergourd with egg (苦瓜炒蛋) is a classic local home-cooked Chinese home-style dish where fermented black beans and eggs are stir-fried with the bitter gourd slices.

Bittergourd Egg Stir-Fry

26 comments on “Bitter Gourd with Egg”

  1. I know I should eat more bittergourd!! But I will be the only in my household that eat it so I hardly ever buy. What a shame right?

  2. Now I know how to use the bitter melon.

  3. Too bad, I’m the only one who loves bitter gourd in the family. The bright side is that I can enjoy the whole dish every time I cook it, haha…

  4. I posted something similar too! Another great idea.

  5. I’ve never cared much for bitter gourd, but I might be willing to give it another try…

  6. I think the last time had bittergourd was way past in my kiddyhood. It brings back good old memories. Thanks for bringing them back and yes I’ll be looking for bittergourd the next time I’m in the asian supermarkets :-)

  7. I’ve never cooked bitter gourd! I need to try it, and it looks delicious with the egg.

  8. Dear Wiffy, if I like to add tomato n water, at which stage shd I add?

  9. I love this dish but I used salted egg yolk instead of egg. Unhealthy but still yummy. Next round, I will use chicken egg. :)

  10. I need more recipe and benefit of bitter gourd ,

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