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Bitter Gourd with Egg

 Bittergourd Egg Stir-Fry

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Note: This is an old recipe from 2007 which has been re-written and updated with new photos.

Bitter gourd is a healthy vegetable and it is known to reduce “heatiness” – a really much-needed attribute for tropical dwellers like me who is living in hot and humid Singapore.

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Bitter gourd is very much an acquired taste for me because when I was a kid, I did not dare to eat it at all, but now I have since grew to love it. This bittergourd with egg (苦瓜炒蛋) is a classic local home-cooked Chinese home-style dish where fermented black beans and eggs are stir-fried with the bitter gourd slices.

Bittergourd Egg Stir-Fry

26 comments on “Bitter Gourd with Egg”

  1. I love bitter gourd very much and always love to cook this dish at home. Delicious and healthy :)

  2. oh yeah, that’s the dish which my mom always cook too :)

  3. I have to search for bittergourd in Perth! the bigger kind and not the smaller more bitter version of it to make this for sure! ;)

  4. I recalled I never hated bitter melon even as a kid. Coincidentally, I have my bitter melon post coming up soon :p

  5. Hmmm….it seems like I’m the only one who is not a fan. My dad had to ‘force’ me to eat it! And now that I’m the cook in my home – it’s off the menu:)

  6. Missed out so many of your yummy posts. I’m trying to catch up. Love bitter gourd since I was a kid. I usually put small prawns and dried shrimp chilli paste to cook it. I wish my kids will love it too but so hard to make them like it :)

    • I have been missing out too – been travelling and sick, travelling and sick :( I like your version, will check it out :)

  7. Thanks for sharing. This is a very homely dish and I love this.

  8. Mmmm….my favourite. This is a very healthy dish. But sadly, I hardly see it here :(

  9. wahhh never had this for a long time…and i love the black beans in this dish, lemme try try

  10. Mm this dish looks healthy! And it looks so delicious, too! I don’t think I’ve tried bittergourd before. Sounds interesting!

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