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Asari Miso Soup

Asari Miso Soup

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I love miso soup on its own. But miso soup with asari clams just bring the taste one notch higher with the deep seafood flavour (umami) of the clams broth combined with the savoury miso soup. The result is a sweet and savoury soup full of umami-ness (flavours of the sea). This is so quick to prepare because there is no prolonged simmering involved.

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The clams will cook in under 2 minutes and as for the miso soup, you just have to dissolve the miso paste in the hot stock. Do not boil miso soup as the high heat may cause fermentation and indigestion. I love to make this soup at home with extra servings of clams. With the home-cooked version, you can adjust the saltiness to your liking.

Asari Miso Soup

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  1. oh yes! i’m gonna order (something like) this for lunch (order, not make heheheh i am lazzyyy)

  2. Are the frozen clams fresh? I have seen them here but have not bought them before as I am not sure if I will get fresh clams. 

  3. I missed this one. Beautiful soup and it looks great paired with the red bowl and burlap placemat!

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