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Winter Melon Soup with Pork Balls

Winter Melon Soup with Pork Balls Recipe

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Winter melon soup with pork balls is a Chinese soup I can rely on on busy days. Unlike my other Chinese soups which typically use chicken or pork, this recipe uses ikan bilis broth as the soup base. As a result, it is relatively easier and quicker because without the meat, you can skip the step of blanching them before cooking, or simmering the soup for some time to extract the sweetness of the meat.

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This soup is very healthy, high in calcium (thanks to the ikan bilis) and has cooling properties since winter melon is known to combat “heatiness” according to TCM. This recipe was adapted from my mum’s original winter melon soup. When she cooked this, she used plain water and later seasoned the soup with light soy sauce, but I find the soup too bland for my palate. So I thought of adding ikan bilis for a naturally flavourful and high-calcium soup base. 

Winter Melon Soup with Pork Balls Recipe

Sometimes, I add glass noodles (tang hoon) for a quick one-dish meal. This soup is quick to cook because over simmering will result in either  bitter ikan bilis broth or mushy melon (I prefer a light firmness to my melon), hence it should take only 15 minutes (20 minutes tops). Using disposable soup pouches to contain the ikan bilis saves time and effort – simply discard the pouches after cooking. The melon cubes and pork balls are all bite-sized, making this soup easy to consume.

38 comments on “Winter Melon Soup with Pork Balls”

  1. Good idea to use ikan bilis and ginger slices to prepare the soup base.

  2. I love this soup but for me it is usually cooked with pork ribs. But I do like the idea of pork balls.

  3. I love this soup too! Easy and delicious.

  4. We always made those kind of soups at home. Great pic btw!

  5. Haven’t had winter melon soup for ages…..yours is truly mouthwatering!

  6. What a coincidence! We just had winter melon soup. It’s my favourite soup in summer.
    Haven’t tried anchovies to cook this soup. Sounds yummy…

  7. a very interesting recipe!

  8. My mum makes this soup rather often but has not used anchovies in hers. I got to try this to find out how it taste.

  9. Awww this is my fave combo! Winter melon and pork balls!!!!
    I will definitely make this dish ^^

    Wahaha XD You have dashi pack!

  10. The soup pouch is really helpful. I use it quite often. Love the combination of winter melon and pork balls. Great for this hot season.

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