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Watercress Soup with Luo Han Guo

Watercress Soup with Luo Han Guo Recipe

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Whenever I have an irritated throat, or I feel a cough coming, I will make this soup remedy. It’s basically the watercress soup recipe, with an added luo han guo fruit (monk’s fruit). Chinese traditional medicine has always used luo han guo fruit to treat coughs, sore throat and combat phlegm. Luo han guo is also naturally sweet, so it gives a sweet taste to this soup. If you don’t like watercress that much, you may find the addition of luo han guo more pleasing to your palate.

Luo Han Guo (Monk's Fruit)

46 comments on “Watercress Soup with Luo Han Guo”

  1. Yes, I found the same too. It’s not easy to take photos of those Chinese soups.

  2. I will never thought of add luo han guo to savory soup. I thought they were only meant for sweet tung kwa soup. I learn something new everyday. I have to remember to add luo han guo to my watercress soup the next time I make this :)

    • yes before this I only made luo han guo herbal tea for cooling down, have never added it to a savoury soup before :)

  3. Thank you so much for the beautiful recipe of watercress, and monk’s fruit soup.

    Would you advise me where I can purchase the fresh or dried monk’s fruit?

    Thank you very much for your response!

    • Hi estelle where are you from? I’m from Singapore and I purchase the monk’s fruit at Chinese medical halls here. Certain supermarkets sell it at the dried goods section too.

  4. Noobcook, I made your watercress soup with pork ribs sometime back and here you are posting another soup with Luo Han Guo. Natural sweetness, so delicious. I think soup is a Chinese thing. I too love soups with rice in all form.

    • yes, totally Chinese thing. And I really love this more holistic, TCM way of treating (mild) coughs and sore throats than eating western medication.

  5. Great idea adding the luo han guo!

  6. hi, love your blog. may i know where to get disposable soup bag?

  7. I love drinking luo han guo!!! Didn’t know that you can “cook” it with other stuff especially meat :)

  8. Wiffy, this is new to me, didnt know can add luo han guo to watercress soup

  9. wah a very cooling soup indeed…i need some right now…

  10. This soup must be very delicious with the luo han guo. Thanks very much for sharing.

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