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Stir-fry Cucumber, Mince & Prawns

This stir-fry cucumber with minced meat (pork) and prawns is quick to make. Ever since I discovered that cucumbers are great in stir-fries, I have been adding them to the wok regularly, especially since they keep a few days longer than the leafy greens.

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This simple homely dish, made even more savoury with fermented black beans, goes very well with steamed rice.

Stir-fry Cucumber with Mince & Prawn Recipe
The Japanese cucumbers provide a nice crunch and complement the main protein (both meat & seafood) it is cooked with.

Stir-fry Cucumber, Mince & Prawn Recipe

2 comments on “Stir-fry Cucumber, Mince & Prawns”

  1. Very appetizing and delicious!

  2. The cucumber complements this dish really well with taste, crunch, and color!

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