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Thai Holy Basil

Thai Holy Basil
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Thai holy basil (ใบกะเพรา; Bai Gkaprow; pictured above) is an important ingredient in Thai cooking. It is also known as “hot basil” or “sacred basil”. Holy basil is popularly used to cook chicken, pork and seafood dishes. They are very rare compared to other types of basil outside of Thailand, and your best bet to find it is at a Thai grocery or supermarket.

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The unique mild medicinal taste (in a nice way of course) of holy basil is signature in classic Thai dishes such as Thai basil chicken (Gai Pad Krapow). While an equal replacement is impossible, you can substitute holy basil with any type of basil (and along with a bit of mint if you have).

Thai Holy Basil
You can tell Thai basil apart from other basil from its dainty small flowers which are edible.

Thai Holy Basil
To cook, I usually pick out the leaves and flowers.

Thai Basil Chicken Recipe
And here’s a classic and simple Thai dish you can cook with it: stir-fry chicken with holy basil. Click on the photo above for the recipe (includes video).

Where to buy it in Singapore: Thai supermarket at Golden Mile Complex, Singapore

Storage tips: This basil perishes rather quickly, so keep it chilled in the fridge. Best consumed within a few days.

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  1. can u get it at certain mainstream supermarkets?

  2. Thanks for posting this beautiful Thai Basil! Do you the taste difference between Thai basil and Vietnamese Basil? Thanks much!

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