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Stir-fried Kailan

Stir-fried Kailan

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This is a very easy recipe for stir-frying kailan using oyster sauce. I don’t used to love vegetables, but now I do. A simple plate of vegetables stir fry is a happy side dish for dinner.  I usually buy 2 packets of vegetables for 2 persons, if not there will not be enough. It is incredibly cheap, healthy, delicious and quick to cook.

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I would say home-cooked Chinese dinner is not complete without it. Besides kailan, you can use other greens too.


29 comments on “Stir-fried Kailan”

  1. I’m Cantonese so I must have a plate of freshly stir-fried greens and a bowl of clear, wholesome soup with every meal! (Assuming that it’s a home-cooked meal that is.)

    So hooray for you discovering your love for vegetables!

  2. 2 packets for 2 persons in 1 meal? Enough enough :D

  3. I love kailan with beef! But I heard that frying just like that, the kailan will be bitter and if wanna get rid of the bitterness, will have to boil in a sugar solution or something. I’m not sure how true is it, any idea?

    • Hi Helen, personally I do not have any issue with the bitter taste. I do not boil it in sugar solution. I added a pinch of sugar to complement the bitter taste, if you do try out my recipe, let me know if you like it ;)

  4. Green veggies is a great fave of mine! I love your floral carrots!

  5. Kailan…that is one of my favourite veggies…wish I could find some here too. Miss Kailan 煲仔饭。。。

  6. I always like to cook my greens with oyster sauce only and your kailan looks so delicious and healthy.

  7. Can I cook broccoli same as this way? My children like to eat,but I don’t know how to cook it more taste.Or maybe can u share your recipe?

  8. My version if only with garlic and oyster sauce. Simple but delicious!

  9. the flower shaped carrots make it look so professional

  10. This is probably a necessary dish in my family! Love kailan and baby kailan…:)

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