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Steamed Chicken with D.O.M Liquor

I always have a bottle of DOM liquor at home thanks to my mum. She told me that D.O.M wine is very nutritious, improves general well being and helps one to sleep better. Perhaps she saw that I am perpetually tired from keeping late nights (playing games! haha). The problem is, I am never a fan of hard liquor so I barely touched it.

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Steamed D.O.M Chicken Recipe

And then I discovered cooking with D.O.M instead of drinking it neat. This steamed D.O.M chicken was the perfect solution for me. Not only was the chicken aromatic and tender, the D.O.M liquor became delicious after cooking – no more sharp alcohol taste, and instead, the soup had a pleasant sweet wine taste. I did not even need to add any salt after cooking, even though all I used was D.O.M and plain water. I was told that I had rosy cheeks after consuming this dish weekly for some time.

Steamed D.O.M Chicken Recipe

This recipe requires only 3 ingredients for the marinade – namely D.O.M, ginger juice and sesame oil. Try out this dish when you are feeling tired, and needed a homely, nutritious food boost.

First posted in Aug 2009, updated in Mar 2017.

71 comments on “Steamed Chicken with D.O.M Liquor”

  1. I’ve never had the DOM liquor but seems that the chicken is authentically flavorful!
    I adore cooking with liquors and wines :)



  2. =) i hv an award for u too! Come and claim it. =)

  3. During my confinement, I drank DOM and breastfed my baby after that. I was so scared when I saw his face became rosy cheek. Since then, I stopped during DOM. I think it is time for me to try this dish again. Hope I can maintain my youth like the 63 years-old lady too. *day-dreaming* ;P

    • I heard from friends that breastfeeding moms can’t consume alcohol, sashimi and a host of other foods. Such a sacrifice, moms are so noble :) Yeah you can consume this again!

  4. I bought 1 cordyceps chick, some herbs, added 5 tbsp of DOM, pinch salt and roasted it. Deeeeeee-licious! Thanks for sharing the goodness of DOM though it burned a whole in my wallet. LOL

  5. I like making herbal emperor chicken with DOM because it makes the sauce a little bit sweeter :-)
    Do you have the recipe for clear Chinese soup on your blog?

    • Thanks for the tip. I have a packet of emperor chicken herbs n I’ll add a bit of DOM to it when I try.

      Yes, I have some Chinese soup recipes. Go to All Recipes and scroll down to “Chinese Soups” :D

  6. Hi,

    This looks yummy… do you know if men can take DOM as well?

  7. Hi,
    Great !!! I love ur website and all of ur recipes. Finally i find it. My feeling said that ur recipes will suitable to my taste :p. I can’t wait longer to cook the menu. Today, i cooked steamed chicken with D.O.M Liquor. Actually i’ve ever cooked this before but only with peanuts and ginger.I used to stir-fried the gingers with sesame oil until it’s fragrant. Maybe u can try it also.After that adding chicken, peanuts, wolfberries, red dates, and mushrooms. Add water and boiled it for 20 minutes. Then, i steamed it again for one and half hour. Now, it’s ready for lunch. My hubby said that it’s yummy. We love it so much ;)

    • somehow I missed this comment. So sorry! Your soup sounds very rich and fragrant with all the ingredients and simmering. Hope to have a chance to try one day :)

  8. Hi,

    Ermmm…. what is a vessel?

  9. Hi wiffy,

    I love your website, which i searching for! Now i can enjoy and learn from your site. Thanks!!

    Yes, this D.O.M Chicken must be wonderful but do you drank every day for the entire two week to have the rosy cheeks or only once in a week!

  10. Nice to come across your website. I was actually looking for some answer relating to DOM. I got a bottle which was given to me when I had my 2nd child. She is now 21 and I wonder can I still use it to cook. By the way, is there an expiry date for DOM.

    • wow, your bottle is two decades old! :O My bottle is a bit more than 5 years old and still ok. But I’m not sure about 20 years, maybe you have to check with DOM company ;)

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