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Steamed Chicken with D.O.M Liquor

Steamed D.O.M Chicken Recipe

First posted in Aug 2009, updated in Mar 2017.

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I always have a bottle of DOM liquor at home thanks to my mum. She told me that D.O.M wine is very nutritious, improves general well being and helps one to sleep better. Perhaps she saw that I am perpetually tired from keeping late nights (playing games! haha). The problem is, I am never a fan of hard liquor so I barely touched it.

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And then I discovered cooking with D.O.M instead of drinking it neat. This steamed D.O.M chicken was the perfect solution for me. Not only was the chicken aromatic and tender, the D.O.M liquor became delicious after cooking – no more sharp alcohol taste, and instead, the soup had a pleasant sweet wine taste. I did not even need to add any salt after cooking, even though all I used was D.O.M and plain water. I was told that I had rosy cheeks after consuming this dish weekly for some time.

Steamed D.O.M Chicken Recipe

This recipe requires only 3 ingredients for the marinade – namely D.O.M, ginger juice and sesame oil. Try out this dish when you are feeling tired, and needed a homely, nutritious food boost.

69 comments on “Steamed Chicken with D.O.M Liquor”

  1. I better start eating this frequently from now on. Need to stay young forever. :)

  2. wow!! lovely meal..I bet it’s must taste delicious!!your mom so early gave you DOM!! my 1st time tasting DOM was after my daughter is 1 month old..my mom said I can’t take DOm when I had C section lor!

    • she has too much liquor at home so she can’t wait to give some away so it takes up less space in her place :P I didn’t know C Sec moms can’t take DOM 8O

  3. Wow.. i wan i wan… this is one of my favourite dish!!!!! It can have two bowl of rice with this :p

  4. Glad that you love it. This was one of my family’s favourite recipe. I love your blog and the recipes you share. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  5. i remember the ads for DOM when i was kid. something like a little shot glass each night to relax and for gd health. in chicken soup, i think u’ve hit the X. :D looks incredibly delicious. x

  6. my hubby would love this… thanks for sharing… :D

  7. I have also heard D.O.M can make some people sleep better…I supposed they make people “drunk”? ;p

  8. i am not so familiar with DOM liquor but judging from your photos that chicken looks absolutely divine!! :XO:

    • Oh really! It’s a french liquor, you’re staying in France so I’m surprised you aren’t familiar. Maybe it’s an export thing :D

  9. This recipe sounds so inviting, just one I’ve been waiting for…! I’ve got 2 chicken thighs in my freezer waiting to be used and I’ve got all the other ingredients (except the liquor – never heard of this before actually…, can I change it with Shao Xing wine?) . I am sure that I will make this soup within the next few days…! Thank you for the recipe.

    • I think you can, though I don’t think you will get the same benefits from shao xing wine. Coz DOM is made from plants & spices, so maybe that’s where the anti-anging and health benefits come from.

  10. Wah very nourishing indeed! Classic confinement dish LOL ;)

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