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Sambal Long Beans

Sambal Long Beans Recipe

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Since young, I have loved sambal long beans because it is spicy and salty – my kind of food. It goes so well with steamed white rice or fried bee hoon.

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If you have a bottle of sambal belachan in the fridge, this dish is a breeze to make. If you can’t find long beans, you can also substitute with other beans such as french beans.

Sambal Belacan Recipe

I used my home made sambal belachan (pictured above) as a base for this dish. It is such a handy condiment to keep in the fridge – not only can it be used as a condiment, it is great for stir-fries just like this dish.

36 comments on “Sambal Long Beans”

  1. This veggie dish is so appetising with the spiciness.

  2. Another new dish for me! But I’m sure I would like the spicy and salty flavors!

  3. Really need to make some sambal! This green bean dish looks so tempting.

  4. Spicy and salty is my kind of food too! I need to make this! :)

  5. Hi wiffy! The presentation on this set of photos deserves two thumbs up, as always! :up: :up: The beans look tasty!

    Sorry for being so busy and not replying to your last few posts recently. :( I promise I still looked at each one and the blueberry smoothie looks especially delicious. Hope you’re having a good week. Take care. :D

    • Hi I know you’re busy! I’m happy that you are making good progress with your project and it’s so sweet for you to drop by now and then :) Regarding my own project, I wished I had your momentum :( you are my role model hehe

  6. reminds me of my sambal kangkong sambal sweet potato leaves . irresitible!

  7. Dear Wiffy!!!

    Making it so easy for the rest of us…I am eating my ‘experiment’ but w French beans and it taste good…! Thanks again for a great and simple recipe! Hugs…and God Bless!


  8. Sambal belachan is good with almost anything! When it comes to vegetables, I normally use sambal belachan with kangkung or fried hard-boiled eggs.

  9. Looks so good! I love sambal belachan and the stir-fried green beans hit the spot. I have to try making my own sambal sometime though…

  10. Hi wiffy,

    tried this recipe today with the sambal bought from ntuc (the brand that you recommend;)
    i’m not a very good cook hence i’m not very sure how long should i stir fried the long beans and the end result is that long beans are quite hard.. my mum said it could be me adding in water to stir fried the long beans. But i have been following every step in your recipe. Do you have any idea how long should i stir fried the long beans?

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