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Sambal Long Beans

Sambal Long Beans Recipe

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Since young, I have loved sambal long beans because it is spicy and salty – my kind of food. It goes so well with steamed white rice or fried bee hoon.

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If you have a bottle of sambal belachan in the fridge, this dish is a breeze to make. If you can’t find long beans, you can also substitute with other beans such as french beans.

Sambal Belacan Recipe

I used my home made sambal belachan (pictured above) as a base for this dish. It is such a handy condiment to keep in the fridge – not only can it be used as a condiment, it is great for stir-fries just like this dish.

36 comments on “Sambal Long Beans”

  1. This gives me one more reason to make a full bottle of sambal belachan.

  2. tis is one of the nice dish to be served with rice :D

  3. I always like to order this dish, fried long beans with sambal belachan in Chinese restaurants. This dish is simple and delicious. But the restaurants often charge a lot. :P

  4. Yea, it’s my kind of dish too! I guess it’s that Malaysian/Singaporean in us that makes us crave for the salty and spicy and pungent kick of sambal belacan in my dishes!

  5. Oh! Btw, hope you had a wonderful Dragon Boat Festival! Did you manage to stuff yourself with oodles of dumplings? Hahaha!

    • thanks! aiyah… I eat chang all the time, and during this period, they are more expensive. I was actually counting down for the day to be over so that they are back to normal prices haha … I know, I’m bad :|

  6. We cook it the similar way too. :)

  7. What a delicious use of your sambal belachan. Wish I had some in my refrigerator!

  8. Simply divine! One of my favorite veggie dish.

  9. one of my favourite dish!! yummy!!

  10. yum! I know I will love this dish!

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