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Sambal Long Beans

Sambal Long Beans Recipe

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Since young, I have loved sambal long beans because it is spicy and salty – my kind of food. It goes so well with steamed white rice or fried bee hoon.

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If you have a bottle of sambal belachan in the fridge, this dish is a breeze to make. If you can’t find long beans, you can also substitute with other beans such as french beans.

Sambal Belacan Recipe

I used my home made sambal belachan (pictured above) as a base for this dish. It is such a handy condiment to keep in the fridge – not only can it be used as a condiment, it is great for stir-fries just like this dish.

36 comments on “Sambal Long Beans”

  1. heyy i’m coming for sambal. As we always say, sambal increases our appetite *big grin*.

    Our family has a different recipe for this. We slice the long bean really thin and mix with sambal terasi right away. No more stir fry. Eat with grilled/fried tempe. Yummm

  2. Spicy and salty – also my cup of tea! And agree with Pepy, can have lots of steamed rice with this. The thought of this is powerful enough to make me drool….lots.

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  4. I love this dish too, look like exactly how my mil cooked, yum yum!

  5. yummms… i can eat this with LOADs of rice :D

  6. Anything spicy for me! This is so good with rice!

  7. Hungry already! It goes well with plain fried beehoon.

  8. This looks so good….going to do this with home made belachan. Will let you know how it turned out (I am not a very good cook) :-( Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Hmmm yummy – are those beans the same as snake beans? I must try the recipe.

    • if I’m not wrong – not exactly the same (snake beans I think is more wrinkly in appearance) but very similar. You can use snake beans for this recipe :)

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