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Sambal Kangkong

Sambal Kangkong Recipe

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Sambal kangkong (马来风光) is one of my favourite local veggie dishes. It’s quite easy and healthy (using olive oil) to whip up this dish at home, not to mention cheap as a packet of kangkong only cost around S$1. Besides kangkong, I’ve also tried cooking with spinach and it tastes great too. The spicy chilli paste is so addicting with white rice.

Sambal Kangkong Recipe

34 comments on “Sambal Kangkong”

  1. I heard that the Pulau Pinang Belacan is one of the best! I wish I can lay my hands on some! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Sambal kang kong is my favorite! I fry it with lotsa small shrimps! (but I’m always too lazy to make my own belachan. I always buy those ready made bottles and then further process it! Haha)

  3. Love kangkung terasi belachan :) I can eat this lots with rice :)

  4. My hb’s all times favourite. I always toast the belacan first before pounding it with other ingredients, it stinks when toasting but the finish product tastes really good. Your sambal kangkung looks healthy cos those selling outside are very oily.

  5. My hubby adores this but I never really managed to get the cooking right. He always complains that the stalks are still a little *raw* while the leaves are wilted and that the flavours are not infused.

    Any suggestions?

    • Like I mentioned in step 1, if you’re cooking both stalks and leaves, you can stir fry the stalks first for a few minutes, before adding the leaves as they cook much faster. See if this works.

  6. This dish must smells good and delicious :) I like this dish a lot!

  7. this is such a classic belacan dish! love this hehe

  8. Great photos….This is one of the earliest dishes I learnt to cook several years ago…you can also use ‘belacan granules’ if u don’t wanna buy the entire piece:D

  9. Yummy! One of my favorite veggie dish!

  10. You are making my favourite dish!! :)

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