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Sambal Kangkong

Sambal kangkong (马来风光) is a popular zi-char dish in Singapore.  This recipe is a result of many attempts to replicate the taste of zichar-style sambal kangkong at home. After achieving this perfect taste (for my family), I have been cooking sambal veggies about twice a week! The best part of cooking kangkong (also known as water spinach or morning glory) at home is that it is so much cheaper, with a lot more veg on the plate.

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Kangkong (Water Spinach/Morning Glory)
Normally, my family is not too fond of the hollow stems of kangkong (also known as water spinach or morning glory). So I always look for the slimmer variety of kangkong with thinner stems (pictured above) which are available from time to time.

Sambal Kangkong Recipe
When cooked with the slimmer variety, all of the kangkong (stems and leaves) is soft and tender.

Instant Sambal Belacan Paste
And this is one small short-cut I used for this recipe: instant sambal belacan paste. Additional ingredients (dried shrimps & seasonings) are still required to make the taste good, but this short-cut is a huge time saver for me. If you have more time, you can use homemade sambal belacan to replace the instant sauce.

First posted on Nov 2010, updated recipe on Jul 2019.

34 comments on “Sambal Kangkong”

  1. Are you using your new wok? ;p I love sambal kang kong but don’t cook it myself – don’t know why. :O

  2. I love how easy this is. and what a great classic. I love this with white rice. thanks for the step by step!

  3. My family hates the smell of roasting blachan, but love the end results!

  4. This vegetable is a favorite of mine and in our family, though for some reason I never remember to buy it on my own. I’ll definitely have to try this.

  5. I miss sambal kangkong!!!
    I’d so cook this if I could ever find kangkong here… * cries *

    By the way, do you know any local (Singapore) dishes that are prepared using a pressure cooker? ^^

  6. I love kangkong! I haven’t eaten too much of it since getting to Australia as it is not readily available at local supermarkets but you make it look so good this deserves a trip to Chinatown for it.

  7. Sounds delicious! I love eating all kinds of greens in the fall, and the sauce with this looks fantastic.

  8. I love your kangkung. Look so good. Mine never turned out to be good. I add fish sauce instead of sugar and salt.

  9. hello! may i know which brand of sambal chilli u used? i love ur recipes! i am trying this dish for my hubby this weekend.

  10. Love yr recipes! You make it seem easy and fun. ^^

    Going to try this out soon!

    (Btw what is toasting belacan?)

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