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Oyster Sauce Vegetables in Garlic Oil

First posted in Jan 2010, updated in Mar 2017.

This plate of oyster sauce vegetables (油菜) in crispy garlic oil was one of the first vegetable dishes I made when I started cooking for the blog, and I am still making it regularly today. That’s almost 10 years!

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I can’t help making this classic homely dish again and again, because it is so quick & easy to whip up. It also accompanies any Chinese dish for a balanced and complete meal.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables in Garlic Oil

The baby bok choy (小白菜) are blanched in rapidly boiling water for only 10 seconds. It’s optional, but I usually lower the stems into the boiling water with tongs for 5 seconds (pictured above), before dropping the whole bunch into the boiling water for another 5 seconds. So it’s stems: 10 seconds, leaves: 5 seconds if you want to be a perfectionist XD If this is your first time blanching this vegetable, you may be surprised how quick it is to cook them.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables in Garlic Oil
As for the sauce, it is non-cooking – just dilute oyster sauce with hot water and balance the saltiness with a small amount of sugar.

Crispy Garlic Oil Recipe

The garlic oil with crispy chopped garlic is the fun (yummy) part. You can make a small amount just for one serving each time you make this dish, but I usually make a bigger quantity & keep the extra garlic oil in the fridge. By preparing beforehand, I can come home after work and whip up this vegetable dish in 10 minutes.  The solidified oil thaws quickly at room temperature. Check out the step-by-step pictures for making crispy garlic in garlic oil.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables in Garlic Oil Recipe

60 comments on “Oyster Sauce Vegetables in Garlic Oil”

  1. I finally made this & it’s good!
    It does taste like the sauce that’s served over gai lan that comes with chicken rice. All these times, I’ve done it wrong. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Vegetable-wise my kids will only eat (and getting tired of) brocolli, steamed, then drizzled with oyster sauce OR garlic oil… but not mixed. This recipe sounds so good (and the pictures – wow!). I am going to try it with gai-lan tonight and brocolli tomorrow! Thanks!

  3. Looks so good!
    how long can i keep the garlic oil for?

  4. I never knew I had to dilute oyster sauce; you make the diluted oyster sauce and garlic oil look so easy to prepare. I’ll definitely try it one day to impress my hubby as they make the simple dish look like those served in Chinese restaurants!

  5. This recipe made my Sunday…superb – I normally make the vegie with oyster sauce but the garlic infused oil added a different dimension – nice….

  6. Hi hi,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely dish! I tried it tonight and my hubby who hardly eats my stir-fry greens enjoyed this tremendously. I decided to add a few drops of sesame oil to the oyster sauce mixture and oh boy, the veggies tasted so heavenly!

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  8. I was eat this dish in Malaysia . I want try to cooking this dish .
    This recipe has been a great help to me.
    Thank you.

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