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Lotus Root Soup

Lotus root with peanuts is one of my favourite Chinese soups. Lotus root and peanuts is a great pairing in a Chinese soup, and personally I won’t cook this dish if I ran out of peanuts. I love the texture of slightly crunchy peanuts so if you like softer ones, you will need to simmer the soup for a bit longer. There is nothing like a bowl of home-cooked Chinese soup to perk me up in the middle of the week.

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Lotus Root
This is my piece of lotus root (pictured above). Wash off the mud before cutting. Sheng Siong also regularly sells washed and smaller sections of lotus root if you need smaller quantities.

Lotus Root Soup Recipe

53 comments on “Lotus Root Soup”

  1. I love pork rib lotus soup. Yummy yummy……
    especially added with octopus and dried scallops!
    You may also use sweet corn

  2. My mom makes this soup a lot and she says it’s good for health! I grew up having this a lot ;)

  3. My household’s monthly staple!

    Love your addition of the dried scallops. ;)

  4. makes me crave for some homemade soup..so badly

  5. One of my favourtie soups!

  6. I’ve tried lotus root soup using chicken instead of pork ribs and it’s simply not the same. Your version – much closer to the authentic one – looks and (I bet) fares much better. What a perfect soup for a cold, rainy afternoon meal. :)

  7. Wiffy, there is nothing like home-made cantonese soup! I bet this must have been very ‘sweet’ as there is so much liao. I can probably just have this with a bowl of rice and I do love eating the lotus root.

  8. I just purchased my first lotus root…now I can make something with it. Thanks so much for this recipe…

  9. Hello, Wiffy ^^
    I was back in Singapore with my husband for a few days, and oh my, the trip was a total local dish galore LOL! XD
    We enjoyed lots lots lots of Singapore dishes like chili crab, drunken prawns, hong kong noodle and more!
    But we completely forgot about this lotus root soup!!! *cries*
    I will try to cook this here in Porto. Wish me luck!

    • wow, sounds like you had a foodful trip. Don’t worry, I think you ate the more famous Singaporean dishes… sounds like a feast. Have fun cooking the lotus root soup ^^

  10. where to get the dried cuttlefish? if from medicinal halls, nowhere convenient..
    and how to handle the cuttlefish? need to clean ?

    • You can get from supermarket or market or dried provision stores. Just need to rinse before using.

    • supermarket? under dried goods? i didn’t really see it before. put the whole piece in?

      thank you

    • ya … usually the place where they sell barley, seaweed etc…. Yes I put one piece.

    • i went to check, is it “bian yu”?

    • rehi, i looked through your recipes for a ‘vegetarian’ soup but did not see any. do you know any that i can use? i do not know if omitting those meats in your recipes will result a bland taste as most times meat / ribs / dried scallops are those that make the soup flavorful.

      please advise. thanks

    • hi, please confirm is it “bian yu” as on the shelves so that i can go ahead and buy? thanks

    • Hi jur, I’m not sure the Chinese name. But I have just added a photo of the dried Octopus (see second photo). You can see if it looks like it.

    • thank you for your effort.

    • hi, jur,
      it is NOT ‘bian yu’. this is a small dried fish.
      dried squid is smaller , cantonese is called ‘ yu yi’
      Octopus is different from a squid !

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