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Lotus Root Soup

Lotus Root Soup Recipe

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Lotus root with peanuts is one of my favourite Chinese soups. Lotus root and peanuts is a great pairing in soup, and personally I won’t cook if I ran out of peanuts. I love the texture of slightly crunchy peanuts so if you like softer ones, you will need to simmer the soup for a bit longer.

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There is nothing like a bowl of home-cooked Chinese soup to perk me up in the middle of the week.

Lotus Root Soup Recipe

52 comments on “Lotus Root Soup”

  1. I like the crunchiness of lotus root

  2. Your 莲藕汤 has more ingredients than the usual. Nice.
    I got some 莲藕 recently too!

  3. I know what you mean! i ran out of peanuts once and it just was not the same!!

  4. Mmm, lotus root soup is always a winner in my books! wish I could have a big bowl right now!

  5. I am into healthy eating and I find soup like yours very nutritious and good!

  6. I was looking for those “cups” like yours for steamed soups while in Penang but couldn’t find them. Soups taste the best that way.

  7. It looks very refreshing. I think dried cuttle fish is the finishing touch. Makes the soup more robust.

  8. This is my kind of soup that I love to make at home..very healthy and delicious :)

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