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Luncheon Meat (Spam) Fried Rice

Note: This was first posted in Sep 2009, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

Growing up, I love luncheon meat (or known as ‘Spam’ in other parts of the world). My mum often pan fry canned luncheon meat slices until they are crisp, and they will be wedged between bread slices for breakfast (so old school!). I even ate some slices of cooked luncheon meat straight from the can (something I will not attempt now).

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These are some of my simple childhood indulgences, bringing back fond food memories for me. It’s since been years since I had luncheon meat and after having some leftovers from making gong zai mian (Hong Kong instant noodles), I thought of making this fast and delicious luncheon meat fried rice, another of my favourite mum’s recipes.

Spam Fried Rice

The fried rice has minimal seasonings because the luncheon meat is salty on its own, complementing the milder taste of the fried rice very well.

Luncheon Fried Rice

37 comments on “Luncheon Meat (Spam) Fried Rice”

  1. crispy luncheon meat and bread? i had that too, and its my fav. i would always request for extra-crispy! wonderful childhood memories ….. those were the days, huh?

  2. Fried rice is my favorite too. I’ll cook it whenever I can’t think of what to cook. Normally I use freshly cook rice.
    Yours looks yummy!

  3. Looks so delicious! I love luncheon meat so much! Due to the news about tainted food product from China, I’ve been buying the SPAM brand. It’s expensive but once a while, I guess it’s ok to indulge :D.

  4. This looks so good! Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

  5. Delicious – a real classic!

  6. Fried rice is one of my favorite comfort foods, and now I’m craving it for lunch today!

  7. I grew up eating Spam Fried Rice and it’s so good! My mom likes to drizzle a bit of sesame oil at the end for that extra flavor. I haven’t had these for years!

  8. Oh man! Ah,.. I so remember the sandwich days of using luncheon meat. Granny used to panfry it and we have it with porridge too.. and fried rice sometimes of course.. So unhealthy but oh so good.

  9. lovely classic dish–makes us harken back to our school days as well.

  10. I ate luncheon meat when I was young too. I remember pan-frying slices of those with egg..and chili sauce as the condiment, and it becomes my sandwich too :)

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