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Luncheon Meat (Spam) Fried Rice

Note: This was first posted in Sep 2009, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

Growing up, I love luncheon meat (or known as ‘Spam’ in other parts of the world). My mum often pan fry canned luncheon meat slices until they are crisp, and they will be wedged between bread slices for breakfast (so old school!). I even ate some slices of cooked luncheon meat straight from the can (something I will not attempt now).

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These are some of my simple childhood indulgences, bringing back fond food memories for me. It’s since been years since I had luncheon meat and after having some leftovers from making gong zai mian (Hong Kong instant noodles), I thought of making this fast and delicious luncheon meat fried rice, another of my favourite mum’s recipes.

Spam Fried Rice

The fried rice has minimal seasonings because the luncheon meat is salty on its own, complementing the milder taste of the fried rice very well.

Luncheon Fried Rice

37 comments on “Luncheon Meat (Spam) Fried Rice”

  1. Delish! I love fried rice with luncheon meat.

  2. this dish is definitely very familiar to my childhood too!

  3. Haha…funny that you posted this today when I just had this dish for a packaway lunch at school a week ago! I did the dish similarly to you with the exception of carrots and oyster sauce, and the addition of cilantro and corn.

    I’ve also had those luncheon meat sandwiches with egg and most certainly enjoy it.

  4. this rice is my favourite dish but mine must add extra chili padi to give a good kick!yummy!! yes I bought a Canada product Spam for my mom from KL supermarket and it’s cost about RM13 plus,quite expensive,right?

  5. Kids love luncheon meat.. it’s the easiest way to make a dish for kids… Love it too for fried rice :)

  6. One of my childhood favourites! I still cook this a lot =)

  7. I love fried rice…although never tried with spam…sounds and looks very tasty…should give a try :-)

  8. Ok uh, in what way are you a cooking noob?? :?

    Found your webpage after doing a search for pork porridge.. For a gal like me who just moved out into her own, your recipes are lifesavers and not just for myself, but for my mom too cos I can finally stop ringing her up and hounding for quick over the phone recipes!!

    Love it all. Very crisp site. With food choices that I really enjoy. And once again, a LIFESAVER! ^.^

  9. I love it too but haven’t had it for a long time. I feel that I have missed a lot of food!!

  10. Luncheon meat is also my childhood favourite! The fried rice looks so inviting!

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