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French Beans in Pine Nuts and Mangoes

Another fruity recipe … Here’s 3 of my fave foods in one dish! So Heavenly! And I love french beans that’s drenched in oil, another sinful pleasure of mine… hehee…

French Beans with Pine Nuts and Mangoes
Adapted from Kalyn’s Kitchen
French Beans with Pine Nuts and Mangoes

(Serves 2)

200g french beans, ends trimmed and cut to 2 inch length
1 mango, cut to small chucks
2 tbsp pine nuts
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt (optional)

Microwave the french beans at high heat for 2 minutes. In an dry pan, toast pine nuts over high heat for a few minutes till slightly browned and set aside (Note: It takes very little time for the french beans to go from lightly toasted to burnt… so be quick to take them out of the pan as soon as possible). Heat wok and stir fry garlic till light brown. Add the beans and stir fry till they are cooked. Add salt to taste if required. Turn off the fire. Stir in the toasted pine nuts and mangoes to mix thoroughly in the beans and oil. Serve.

Other References
Info on Pine Nuts: http://startcooking.com/blog/177/Pine-Nuts

7 comments on “French Beans in Pine Nuts and Mangoes”

  1. Woah, french beans with mango, what a match! You sure are experimenting alot of fruits eh?

  2. Whoa whoa whoa! Pine nuts! My fav too! Is this your creation?

  3. I tot of doing this combi but I referenced how ppl cook their french beans too… kekeke…

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