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Egg Tofu

Egg Tofu
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Egg Tofu

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Egg tofu (蛋豆腐), as its name suggests, is made a type of savoury tofu flavoured with egg. It is usually (if not always) available in the tube form. Egg tofu has a pale golden yellow colour as a result of the addition of eggs (and occasionally, food colouring). This tofu has a silky soft texture and a fuller, less beany flavour than silken tofu.

Common Uses
They are often primarily in Chinese and Asian cooking. They are often steamed or fried, or used in soups.

1) Chinese (both simplified and traditional): 蛋豆腐 (means “egg tofu/beancurd”)
Mandarin Pinyin: dàn dòufu

2) Chinese (both simplified and traditional): 日本豆腐 (means “Japanese tofu”)
Mandarin Pinyin: rìbĕn dòufu

3) Japanese: 玉子豆腐, 卵豆腐, tamagodōfu

Health Benefits & Properties
As with all tofu, egg tofu is high in calcium, protein and iron, while being low in calories at the same. It helps guards against colon cancer and heart diseases. It is also known to promote energy production and aid in weight loss.

Store unopened tofu in the fridge compartment. Once opened, store in a lid container in fridge and use quickly, usually within two days or sooner. They are usually used for soups, steaming and frying.

Look out for tofu made with non-GMO soya beans.

How to Cut the Tofu
Egg tofu is usually available in a tube form.

Egg Tofu (How to Cut)
First, cut egg tofu in half (sometimes the packaging comes with a “dotted line” as a cutting guide). Remove tofu from packaging.

Egg Tofu (How to Cut)
Cut to desired slices (usually flat discs).

Check out recipes with egg tofu as a key ingredient.

Where to Purchase it in Singapore
In fridges, tofu section of supermarkets.

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  1. I love this too. I sometimes smiled when I heard the Indonesian term for this. We say tofu for this, but we say tahu for the regular tofu. :)

  2. Does this egg tofu has MSG in it? I don’t know but whenever I want to buy egg tofu, I see MSG in there, I try to avoid. Hmmmm…..

    No doubt I like egg tofu cos it is tasty when cooked in…for example in a hot-plate like those served in Tsar Char stalls but I wonder if MSG in egg tofu make it so addictive. :O

    • Oh have leh! :x but actually, I ate so much instant noodles so the MSG don’t really bother me that much. but still, it’s good to eat healthier tofu, shall hunt for the non-MSG ones next time :D

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