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Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

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This egg mayonnaise or egg salad sandwich is a really simple and classic recipe. If you are making them for breakfast, you can prepare the hard boiled eggs the night before so that you cut down on the preparation time in the morning.

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I used to takeaway egg mayo sandwiches at a cafe near my place so I recreated this familiar taste at home based on my memory. To me, it’s such a nice treat to have this on the breakfast table :)


66 comments on “Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich”

  1. Hello! thanks for this recipe! ive been looking for an egg salad sandwich, and now , i found a perfect one! thanks sooo much! i looked thru a lot of recepies on google , and found this! once again thank you and im going to print this out now (: Thanks!! (:

  2. The bring 2 boil for 2 mins means the 2 min starting when you turn on the flame or when it’s boiling?

  3. thanks… very neat presentation! love it i’ll make one of this 2nite for snack

  4. wew!!!!so delicious and nutritious!!!!

  5. egg mayo is good
    made from egg and mayo too
    it goes in my mouth

  6. Nice one ;) hopefully next time I can makes for my friends during picnic.

  7. how about the fact? ad it taste delicious

  8. Hi Wiffy =)

    Have been following your blog and am so blessed by it =) I would love to try and make this sandwich. May I know how many days I can keep the left over sandwich in the fridge? It is actually for practical reason =P So I can just grab the sandwiches for the next few days =) Btw, I plan to add ham in the sandwich.

    Thanks! =)

    • Hi Sofia, thanks for your kind words. maybe two days? For best results, prepare the egg salad filling first, but assemble the sandwich only when needed. Hope this helps.

  9. hey, why is the mustard used. n if i omit it will it taste bad.thnks

  10. with finely chopped onion they are even better

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