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Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

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This egg mayonnaise or egg salad sandwich is a really simple and classic recipe. If you are making them for breakfast, you can prepare the hard boiled eggs the night before so that you cut down on the preparation time in the morning.

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I used to takeaway egg mayo sandwiches at a cafe near my place so I recreated this familiar taste at home based on my memory. To me, it’s such a nice treat to have this on the breakfast table :)


66 comments on “Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich”

  1. why does a simple egg sandwich looks so so good in your blog…? really… now you make me wanna make a sandwich for dinner ^__^

  2. yum! Cute little flags, too!

  3. I love these! So yummy!

  4. Isn’t amazing that a simple thing, such a egg sandwich can taste so good? I love it! And you are right it is great for breakfast :-) Lovely pictures!

  5. Simply perfect! It looks great with the soft white bread!

  6. Breakfast? I can have it for lunch, dinner and supper too! Not all in the same day but every other day? :p

    P.S. Glad you like the chicken soup :)

  7. Looks awesome. One of my favorite sandwiches, although I’ve never heard it called egg mayo before. I always put in all the yolk myself, love the richness. :)

  8. you definitely nailed it! you made a simple and healthy sandwich look so deliciously tempting!

  9. This brings back memories! My mum used to pack this for my lunch!

  10. I remember eating this for the first time as a kid! Still eating them even now. If you don’t want to use any salt or mayo, use cream cheese (those flavoured with bacon or ham or just plain). That’s what I normally do for my kids :) Food on the go!

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