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Steamed Drunken Prawns

Drunken Prawns

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Steamed Drunken prawns (醉虾) is a dish which is unbelievably cheap and easy to prepare at home, but if you were to order it at the restaurant, be prepared to pay many, many times more than it would cost you to prepare it at home. Seafood is always so expensive when it is ordered outside.

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Drunken Prawns

This recipe uses live prawns, but don’t flame me, this is usually how the dish is prepared in Chinese restaurants. That’s why they have tanks of live seafood (fish, lobster, prawns). You can always substitute with non-live prawns if you are not comfortable with using live prawns. I bought live prawns from Farmart, but you can easily find them at selected Shing Sheong or NTUC supermarkets :)

41 comments on “Steamed Drunken Prawns”

  1. Whoa! These look really scrumptious! I cant eat them though bcos of my allergy to prawns, do u there’s a suitable substitute for these prawns?

  2. Western people think this is cruel but I like this a lot, wish I could buy live seafood here in Switzerland. You are right this is very expensive to eat in the resto.

  3. This is soooo good with live prawns!

  4. 敬酒? Need to say “Yum Seng” to the prawns or not? No, I am not being cruel.

  5. ahh a perfect way to enjoy those fresh prawns! I wish I can get such fresh prawns here.

  6. You said 2 magical words cheap and easy much better if it is a visual and yummy feast! :up:



  7. Yummy prawns. :P Will try out this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ooh…sounds like a great dish if everyone that I eat with enjoys prawns! The drunkening of the prawns sounds like a great cool idea :). They would definitely get some great flavor from the cooking!

  9. Eeek!! One of my favorite dishes is drunken chicken, never heard of drunken prawns. >.<;; Yes, yes…. thanks for sharing!! :)

  10. well at least u r letting them drink their sorrows b4 you give them a sauna rite?

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