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Curry Vegetables

Curry Vegetables Recipe

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When I saw wokkingmum’s curry vegetables, it set off an instant craving for curry vegetables (咖喱菜). I cooked a huge pot with cabbage, eggplants, orka and long beans. It was served with fried bee hoon for lunch. For the leftover curry, it was reheated for dinner to eat with rice.

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I love to cook two-in-one meals like this on weekends because much as I love to cook, I don’t wish to slave the whole weekend away in the kitchen. I love lontong too so I added some steamed rice cakes to my curry vegetables for faux lontong. This is a really yummy and fun recipe to try on a weekend.

Curry Vegetables Recipe - Spices

47 comments on “Curry Vegetables”

  1. This mix of vegetables looks fantastic! I wish I could have your lunch with noodles today.

  2. Good to cook more of this and have it served in another meal : ).

  3. This is one of my favourite dish but I never get a chance to cook it. My mom usu cook this when there are family gatherings and I love it with fried bee hoon!

  4. I loved curry vegetable too! Never have it with fried bee hoon before though.

  5. yummm, one of my favorite way to enjoy veggie.
    you can get lontong there? jealouuuussss (although I don’t like lontong but sometimes I wanna serve lontong in parties hehe)

  6. I adore the curry! These dishes look simply gorgeous!

  7. I have not cooked vegetables curry for some time now…hee heee…also have not had Lontong for a long time.

  8. I would love this dish; I love vegetables and curry and the noodles just rounds out the meal perfectly.

  9. Hey Wiffy, I love this dish. Anything made with this many different types of vegetables is heaven to me-the kind of food one feels good about! I love okra too. I’m going to try to make something similar with what I have available to me here…

  10. I crave dishes like this especially during the winter season. That there is no meat is a plus for me, too few vegetable based winter dishes around!

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