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Angel Hair Pasta Soup

Angel Hair Pasta Soup

Angel Hair Pasta Soup

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Cooking for one can be quite a hassle, so I usually have to settle for “fast food” like takeaway, instant noodles or a bowl of museli with milk. It’s not that I hate instant noodles or fast food, I love them. But sometimes I do like the idea of cooking for one. So this is one of my “fast-to-cook-and-good-to-eat” meals when I’m home alone. And it’s almost a non-recipe. Very fast, delicious and you can clear whatever ingredients (such as yong tau foo, frozen dumplings, dried seaweed, meat balls, leftover roast meat) you have in the fridge.  The trick for me is to use angel hair pasta which is to me, like the western version of our local bee hoon (rice vermicelli) with its long thin strands of noodles. They usually cook in 2 minutes, just like instant noodles. My pantry, for this reason, is always well-stocked with angel hair.

15-Minute Angel Hair Pasta Soup Recipe

This is a great recipe for clearing whatever ingredients any leftover ingredients in the fridge.


  • 1 serving (about 80 grams) angel hair pasta (Capelli d’angelo)
  • any ingredients you have in the fridge (for me, pacific clams baby bok choy)
  • water and salt to cook the pasta
  • 300ml home made soup stock (or cheat with plain water and seasoning cube)


  1. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Then add angel hair pasta and cook according to the package instructions (usually 2 minutes). Drain the pasta and set in a soup bowl.
  2. Add soup stock to another soup pot. Bring to the boil. Blanch whatever ingredients you have in the soup stock until cooked (for my clams – 30 seconds; veg – 10 seconds). Most ingredients will cook in under 2 minutes.
  3. Pour the boiling soup and ingredients over the angel hair pasta. Garnish with sliced spring onions, chilli padi and/or fried shallots.

32 comments on “Angel Hair Pasta Soup”

  1. What a great-looking soup! Clams in the soup sound delicious, and I like how versatile a noodle soup can be.

  2. Love how simple and healthy this is. Funny, I wouldn’t have known those weren’t asian noodles if you didn’t say so.

  3. you are suchhh a good girl…I’d totally go for instant noodles, naughty me :D

    this is a healthier alternative I might have to go for…for lil’ sc ;)

  4. Cooking for one can be a hassle but also most satisfying when something like this is produced :)

  5. The soup looks so light and yet so flavourful!

  6. This is really handy! One pot meal, easy and healthy! :)

  7. Quick to cook and good! Sometimes I use a can of campbell clear chicken soup and add veggies etc.

  8. Great idea!

    Would love to try angel hair pasta for my noodle soup next time!

  9. I like eating pasta in chinese/asian way.

  10. Great idea! Will try this recipe and test the kids whether they will notice the different between angel hair pasta and noodle / bee hon / somen :D

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