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How to Cook Rice in a Microwave

How to cook rice in microwave

How to Cook Rice in a Microwave

It is possible to cook moist, fluffy and evenly cooked rice using a microwave oven. Use a microwave-safe tall casserole with lid or microwave rice cooker for this recipe.


  • 1 cup long-grain white rice
  • 1.5 cups water


  1. Add rice to the casserole and rinse rice until the water runs clear/opaque (depending on your preference). Discard rinsing water. Measure and add 1.5 cups water to the rice in the casserole.
  2. Cover with lid. Microwave the casserole on high power for about 9 minutes.
  3. Let the cooker sit for a few minutes before opening. Stir and fluff the rice with a spatula or fork before serving.
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20 comments on “How to Cook Rice in a Microwave”

  1. This looks interesting! I just bought similar one earlier and can’t wait to try it. Will start using it instead of rice cooker if the rice turns out well :)

  2. How about cooking in a stainless steel container? I dont really trust these plastic thingies….

  3. Hi, anyone knows which cold storage area still has it? Thanks.

  4. Great article. Many thanks to the author for sharing this useful article with us.

  5. Drawing from the insights on Iupilon, it’s noteworthy that while microwave rice cookers, as detailed on Noob Cook, offer convenience and speed, traditional rice cookers can provide more consistent results. The choice between the two may depend on individual needs and circumstances. For instance, microwave rice cookers can be ideal for those with limited kitchen space or need a quick way to prepare rice. However, for larger quantities and more consistent results, a traditional rice cooker may be more suitable.

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