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Claypot Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice

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I really love claypot chicken rice (沙锅/煲仔鸡饭) and it is the main reason why I recently added a claypot to my growing list of cookware. Before I bought a claypot, I cooked claypot rice using a rice cooker, and I just have to say that the taste of this dish cooked in a claypot is just unbeatable.

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The rice cooked using a claypot has a wonderful smoky flavour and a nice crust which I just can’t achieve using a rice cooker. This is a great one-dish and balanced meal with meat, mushrooms and vegetables.

Claypot Chicken Rice

Claypot cooking is growing on me and I can’t wait to experiment with more types of claypot rice. For those into claypot cooking, do check out my article on claypot cooking care including tips on how to prep it for first time use.

44 comments on “Claypot Chicken Rice”

  1. wow, i love claypot chicken rice. I made it a couple of weeks ago and its on my blog too if you want to check it out! this blog is on my bookmarked list, as I love the style of your cooking!

  2. Hi Wiffy, as you wld know by now, I’ve been following ur blog for the past few mths. It’s so difficult to find authentic claypot rice outside ie cooking the rice in the clay pot instead of just pouring cooked rice in the clay pot. I recommended this recipe to my SIL and yesterday, we cooked this for our family of 12! She has a big clay pot left fm previous CNY ‘s pen cai. It was superbly delicious!! ESP the crispy sides! We did stir in the leftover chicken marinade when the rice was ready n it just added beautiful colour to the rice! Thanks for sharing the easy DIY steps. Michelle

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your kind words and suggestions to improve my recipes, I learnt a lot from you too. Glad you like this recipe. Yes, if cooking a huge pot, it’s great to use up the leftover sauce. For my mini pot for two, I find my rice too soggy if I do that. Perhaps I should get a bigger claypot next time :)

    • Wiffy, I forget to say that I added chao po too. There’s an authentic claypot rice stall I used to patronize at the old lau pa sat ( also called transit market). They are now at Golden Shoe hawker. Each mouthful is full of yummy goodness, be it salted fish bits, lap cheong or even chao po that adds to the rich flavor! Plus the burnt rice aroma :-) once again, thanks for sharing this recipe so that we can all enjoy this dish at ome. Michelle

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  4. Hi there! Tried this last night. My first time cooking rice in the claypot itself – so quite a big deal for me! Thanks for the guidance. It turned out awesome.

  5. Hi Wiffy, I cooked this again! This time, I din have salted fish so I actually stir fried chai por with garlic as replacement and add that to the rice with the other ingredients later…. I also fried some of the chicken fat that I trimmed off to use the oil :-) as usual, the claypot rice tasted great, ESP the crispy bits at the sides! Thanks once again for sharing this simple yet great recipe. Happy New Year and I look forward to more of your recipes! Michelle

    • Hi Michelle, I am going to feature cai po neng recipe soon, will remember to use the leftover cai po for my claypot rice… the cai po and the chicken fat sound sinfully delicious. Thanks again for sharing all your cooking tips, have a happy and delicious 2012! ^^

    • Hi Wiffy, Happy CNY! just to say that I cooked claypot rice with minced beef today :-) oh, and topped with egg. Once again, I fried garlic with chai po before adding rice. So shiok with super spicy chilli! Enjoy CNY!

  6. I got some bok choy in my community basket this weekend and didn’t know what to do with it yet. Thanks, I’m going to try this recipe tonight!

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog & I can’t wait to try some of these recipes. I’m a Singaporean living in Sydney & I miss so many of these dishes.

    Question: Salted fish – is that ikan bilis?

    • Hi Jessica, salted fish is not ikan bilis. Ikan bilis is a small fish, the salted fish mentioned here is a cut, flat piece of dried fish. Will update a photo soon.

    • That would be great! I’ve already bookmarked your blog. :)

    • Jessica – I’m sure you can get salted fish in Sydney. Any Asian supermarket should stock it. Sometimes you might see whole fish, but often you get cut-up fillets. Ask for haam yu in Cantonese.

  8. Hi, just a quick question regarding the ingredients. From my experience, cooking 1 cup (metric?) of rice with 1 cup (metric?) of water will leave the rice terribly dry and under cooked. Can you please specify what measurements you’re using? 1 metric cup of rice can feed a family of 6-7 (depending on hunger)! I think it will also overflow out of the clay pot.

  9. I would certainly try this after reading your recipe. I used to cook this dish using rice cooker. Thank you.

    • i tried this in a huge pot today and my first time too but ended up burning the rice :( but still, it was such an awesome attempt! when you said to put the meat in when the rice is nearly cooked, do you mean it’s still wet or? i also didn’t realise how fast it will cook and thought because i was going for 3.5 cups of rice, it will take longer but no! great, clear instructions as always :) love your blog. always inspires me.

  10. Hello,
    I have been to Singapore many time and tried Chicken rice claypot and i fell in love. This time I’d like to make one on my own. I have all that ingredients ready but i’m not sure what kind of salted fish is it? Does it come in can? any brand in particular. If you could provide picture it would be awesome. I am from Laos by the way, we do have local salted fish but i’m not sure if that can be used in this dish. Thank you. :)

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