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Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly

Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly

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This is a fun way to consume chrysanthemum tea … by eating it! It is really simple with a box of konnyaku jelly powder. Using brewed chrysanthemum tea instead of plain water, there is no artificial colouring or flavouring in this jelly.

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Chrysanthemum tea is known to be an excellent thirst quencher because of its “cooling” property which means it lowers body heat. This dessert is perfect for our tropical heat. This is a truly refreshing, healthy and yummy dessert.

Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly

I was first introduced to this dessert when my friend Anemone made some for me to try. It was love at first bite … thanks for teaching me how to make it!

87 comments on “Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly”

  1. Heyy this is a good idea!
    I normally buy the already-flavoured konyaku jelly powder, but I’d like to try this! I wonder if it works with other teas, like berry teas.

  2. This look refreshing and good!

  3. So refreshing and must be fragrant too! Great dessert after a hearty meal.

  4. Refreshing indeed and good for warm weather. I wanted to make jelly for my girls, have been telling them for days and I still haven’t made it yet. *sigh* Hope I will remember to do it today.

  5. Really an innovative way of making jelly. Will try making using the recipes too! Great dessert! :)

  6. Sounds yummy! I like chrysanthemum tea in the summer but I’ve never had it in jelly form before.

  7. How nice! This looks so pretty and cute!

  8. Hey I have tried making this with instant agar powder and it turned wobbly great. I like the idea of using konyaku powder. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Weather is scorching hot lately so this would be great for dessert :)

    • Hi Elin, yes one of the reasons why I prefer konnyaku to agar agar is because of the firmer texture. Yes this is perfect for hot weather hehe

  9. I had been working too hard, I need this jelly to cool me down! :)

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