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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue

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You definitely don’t need an expensive tool such as a bain-marie to make your own chocolate fondue – it can easily be made using the microwave or water bath as shown in this recipe. After you make the chocolate fondue, keep it warm over a tealight fondue pot so that it remains liquid soft and smooth.

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We had marshmallows, fresh strawberries and kiwi fruit to dip in the warm creamy chocolate. Excess chocolate can be poured into chocolate moulds and refrigerated for home-made chocolate bites.

Chocolate fondue party

Chocolate fondue party

I used a Hello Kitty electric chocolate cooker called Hello Kitty Choco Chef for the cuteness, however that gadget is no longer selling. The chocolate fondue can be made with the water bath or microwave method, as outlined in the recipe on the next page.

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  1. OMG so cute!! Chocolate party rocks!

  2. OMG! I have to get this! Too cute! I left my fondue set in Melbourne and I miss it….

  3. Can you tell me where do you get thickened cream or is it something that you make?

  4. I spent quite the money getting people chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll opt for this instead next year!

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