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Preserved Turnip Omelette (Chai Po Neng)

Cai Po Neng

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This Chinese-style preserved turnip (preserved/salted radish) omelette or better known as chai po neng locally is another humble, childhood favourite often cooked by my mum. It goes so well with porridge. As with most of my mum’s recipes, the ingredients are minimum (just preserved turnip, eggs and garlic) yet so delicious; best of all it’s like an evergreen classic for I never get sick of eating it all these years.

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My mum does not always wash the preserved turnip (chai po) before cooking, but I prefer to do so to get rid of excess saltiness or any dirt (highly recommended by the market uncle who sold me the chai po). Unlike my mum’s long bean omelette and fish cake omelette which is seasoned by salt &/or soy sauce, there is usually no need to salt this omelette at all as the chai po is already very salty.

Cai Po Neng

30 comments on “Preserved Turnip Omelette (Chai Po Neng)”

  1. I love this dish too! Good to go with anything :) Miss home when I see this post!

  2. I think your preserve turnip omelette could also go well with our own version of porridge. I also remember my mom cooking porridge for me even though she is so busy with everything. Looks delicious. =)

  3. Hi Wiffy, this is a classic! Hv u ever tried it with tobasco sauce ? Spicy n sourish superb!

  4. too bad i never knew how to like the chai po nor the turnip, tho’ latter ingredient still ok with me (as in popiah)…;-p

  5. my fave is still minced pork omelette, prawn omelette or tomato omelette…or even oyster omelette, heehee. Not anythg with chai po…:(

  6. It’s my childhood dish too. You make me craving for it now. ;)

  7. This is so “koh cha bi” hehe… I love this too.

  8. One of my favorite childhood dishes and still is. :)

  9. Very delicious and appetizing! I like them with congee too!

  10. my mom made some caibo for me. Other than caibo neng & porridge, what else can I use it for?

    • Hi, they can be added to fried rice, claypot rice, stir-fried with other ingredients as toppings for tofu and steamed fish etc….

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