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Cereal Prawns (Cheater’s Method)

Cheater's Cereal Prawn Recipe

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I suddenly thought of making cereal prawns (麦片虾) because I still have a whole bag of leftover curry leaves after cooking vegetable curry. I think curry leaves are something that you cannot leave out when making this dish because the aroma of the curry leaves is so signature in this dish.

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The combination of prawns, oats, chilli and curry leaves, fried to crispy perfection, is really blissful. It’s pretty effortless and very cheap to cook this at home, especially with the cheater’s way, with a packet of instant cereal prawn mix.

Instant Cereal Prawn Mix

Note: I was using the SingLong brand, feel free to use any of your favourite brand of instant cereal prawn mix.

50 comments on “Cereal Prawns (Cheater’s Method)”

  1. Fantastic idea to use the cereal – and I can imagine this dish being delicious – especially with that combination of crsipy, salty and buttery goodness.

  2. Wiffy, you’ve just reminded me that I have exactly the same cereal mix in my cupboard .. in fact 2 packs to be premise. I have to make this soon. This is such an easy way to come up with a delicious dish. Yummy and the prawns look so, so fresh.

  3. Wow … deep-frying now? Not making a mess, I hope.
    I never knew that cereal prawns are cooked using curry leaf!

  4. They look delectable! The prawns…wow…too good to miss.

  5. I am nearing my lunch hour and you made me so hungry.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen curry leaves at the market — I’ll have to look for them!

  7. Oh! My mouth is watering at the pictures…it sure looks so yummie, and the cereal with the prawns must taste so good. Nicely done!

  8. Another new dish for me! And how delicious it looks! I love prawns and your description of it has my mouth watering!

  9. Hi!

    Thanks for recipe! Inspires me to try cooking it this weekend :) But where to get curry leaves? thanks!

    • Hi Stacey, are you from Singapore like I am? I see them readily available at supermarkets and wet markets. I got mine from NTUC, fridge section for veggies.

  10. Wow I love cereal prawns. Never dare to do deep frying at home. I’m really bad at cooking cos always scared of the splattering oil. Any tips for deep frying so that I don’t have to hide behind my wok cover? :P

    • SSB, keke I’m scared of splattering oil also, I’m very cowardly in the kitchen!! some tips
      – make sure your wok is completely dry
      – pat dry the food with kitchen towels before deep frying. water = oil splattering
      – sometimes instead of patting dry, I left the plate of food in the fridge to let the water evaporate
      – certain foods need a coating of flour … I think those don’t splat that much because the flour absorbs the moisture
      – those frozen food that you bought, don’t need to thaw before deepfrying

      heat the oil to the appropriate level before deep frying and … (I don’t know if it’s correct but it works for me – just before I put the food in I lower the temp, and right after I put in the food, I increase back the heat. lower heat = less splatter). Also, cover with a lid during deep frying to protect from the oil splattering out. Stand far and wear gloves hehe

      of course you can also use a deep fryer if you have (but u need a lot of oil) … quite safe from oil splats ;)

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