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Cereal Prawns (Cheater’s Method)

Cheater's Cereal Prawn Recipe

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I suddenly thought of making cereal prawns (麦片虾) because I still have a whole bag of leftover curry leaves after cooking vegetable curry. I think curry leaves are something that you cannot leave out when making this dish because the aroma of the curry leaves is so signature in this dish.

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The combination of prawns, oats, chilli and curry leaves, fried to crispy perfection, is really blissful. It’s pretty effortless and very cheap to cook this at home, especially with the cheater’s way, with a packet of instant cereal prawn mix.

Instant Cereal Prawn Mix

Note: I was using the SingLong brand, feel free to use any of your favourite brand of instant cereal prawn mix.

50 comments on “Cereal Prawns (Cheater’s Method)”

  1. Interesting! I like this cheat method! Anything makes cooking easier these days is a big bonus.

  2. wah… nice one.. looks very yummy :D

  3. Never had this before, look delish, who cares if we cheat occasionally if they taste good : )

  4. I loooooove this dish! I didn’t know you can buy cereal prawn mix, I have to look out for it!

  5. Oooh … I love 麥片蝦 SO much! I love the buttery taste and the scent of the curry leaves infusing together with the sweet, succulent flesh of fresh shrimp! I think this dish is unique in our region because hor … I once asked my Chinese friends from Wuhan and Harbin, they said they’d never heard of such dish … Even for those from the Canton province too! Heh … Should be proud of our heritage lah … Haha! Beautiful fusion!

    Oh, I love this touch with my deep-fried fish fillet and chicken, too! This also has reminded so much of another dish from SG/MY: 奶油蝦/雞/魚片 … Yummy!

    • yes, this dish is totally unique to our region. so proud of it because it’s so delicious :)

      I haven’t eaten 奶油蝦 before! but keep hearing it. Hope you feature the recipe one day :)

  6. I must try to look for the cereal mix! Very handy to have in the pantry!

  7. This is really delicious! Once I also use cereal ready mix too but a different brand and I find it too sweet :( Next time must try yours.

  8. The crispy coating looks fantastic. And, the flavor from the curry leaves must be great!

  9. I love this recipe of yours so lovely and yet so finger licking good. crisp and tasy! defintely a winner at any dinner!

  10. What an interesting sounding dish. I’ve never heard of it but I love shrimp and curry leaves, so I’m sure I’ll be hooked as soon as I try it.

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