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Cabbage Rice

First posted in Feb 2008, updated in Apr 2015

This recipe is handed down from my mum, whom I think makes the best cabbage rice in the world. Of course, I am totally biased, but I seriously think that’s quite true :) Though this dish is popularly known locally as cabbage rice, it has other ingredients such as pork belly and mushrooms.

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The secret to making superb cabbage rice is to use the water for soaking the dried mushrooms, dried scallops and dried shrimps. If you can imagine the smell from these dried goods, that is sheer umami bliss. You also have to stir fry the ingredients in the wok briefly before transferring them to cook in the rice cooker for better flavour.

Cabbage for Cabbage Rice Recipe

When I look back at my past cabbage rice,  I realised that I have shredded the cabbage too finely. The cabbage shrinks considerably after cooking. So nowadays, I slice the cabbage rather coarsely (as above), which is not just a time-saver, but results in the cabbage being just the right bite-sized when cooked in the rice cooker.

Cabbage Rice Recipe

40 comments on “Cabbage Rice”

  1. My hokkien grandma used to make this dish and it was my FAVOURITE. We called it in hokkien kiam peng. And instead of dried scallops she put dried mushrooms and lup cheong instead :D

    i’m going to try this tomorrow!

    thanks! J

  2. how about adding a little salted fish instead of salt? do you think the taste will go well?

  3. One of my favorite dish. If you add chinese mushrooms, the smell is heavenly for this dish.

  4. I just tried this out, tastes great! :) substituted pork belly with leftover cny bak kwa. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  5. Ha! This reminds me of my mom’s one pot cabbage/shrimp/shallot rice. Delicious!

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  7. I cook similar cabbage rice (simpler version though, less ingredients) often at home but I am not bored with it at all. Now I see your cabbage rice, am craving it again. :p so homey, so good, so delicious, and very addictive.

  8. i am going to try out your recipe. we love cabbage especially with dried shrimps.

  9. Hi! What do you do with the hot water after soaking? Add to the wok together with 150ml of soaking water?

    • The hot water used to soak the mushrooms, scallops and dried shrimps is the soaking liquid. After soaking, filter them and measure only 150ml for use in this recipe (if too much liquid, the rice may be soggy).

  10. Cooked a meatless version inspired by yours :-) Thanks for your recipe, not many cabbage rice recipe can found online though this is supposedly a popular Hokkien dish! I linked your recipe to my post, in case people think I am the genius behind this dish (hahaha), hope you don’t mind! :-)

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