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Microwaved Baked Beans

Microwaved Baked Beans Recipe

Microwaved Baked Beans Recipe

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This is a no-pride recipe – it is basically a can of baked beans in disguise. There is no “real” cooking involved as I let my microwave do all the work. When I was in school, I remembered the rice stall had this hot dog with baked beans dish which I liked very much. This is my lazy way of recreating it. I also added some lettuce and diced peppers for colour & fiber.

Microwaved Baked Beans Recipe

This easy dish of microwaved baked beans goes well with rice.


  • 1 small can 9(250 grams) baked beans
  • 2 to 3 hot dogs sliced thinly
  • 1/2 bell pepper diced; for colour, use red and green/yellow peppers
  • a few lettuce leaves shredded thinly


  1. Empty baked beans into a microwavable deep plate. Add hot dog. Cover with microwave-safe cling wrap and leave a small opening. Microwave for about 2 minutes on high or until warm.
  2. Use a spoon to mix the sausages and baked beans well.
  3. Microwave the bell peppers for 2 minutes on high.
  4. Mix in half of the cooked bell peppers.
  5. Garnish the dish with shredded lettuce and the remaining bell peppers. Serve with rice.

32 comments on “Microwaved Baked Beans”

  1. I think my boys can finished the whole bowl of that delicious beans ;D Will show them this page later.

  2. This shall be on the dinner table tomorrow. Thanks for sharing …

  3. Your version looks easier to make, and it is a balanced diet on its own.
    I used to stir fry baked bean with onion, prawns, minced meat and fried egg.

  4. Just what I needed to cook in the office pantry ;)

  5. Definitely a nice way to dress up baked beans ! hehe

  6. This is such a comfort dish! Like Mary, I like fried eggs goes with baked beans too.. this is really a dish of my childhood ;)

  7. This looks surprisingly delicious yum! Thanks for the idea! So good for last minute meal prep!

  8. I love recreating dishes I’m served outside the home. There’s nothing wrong in taking some shortcuts. Especially if it’s still a balanced meal like this one that’s likely cheaper and healthier than what I’d get at a restaurant :).

  9. Hi, I tried this last night. Very nice and easy to prepare. Thanks very much for sharing.

  10. Hey, what a great idea and sooo easy to make! You come up with the fastest and most creative concoctions. I’ll have to try this sometime. :)

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