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Udon Noodle Soup with Pork

I call this udon noodle soup the “I-cook-the-hotpot-for-you” dish. This simple one-dish meal is something I love making whenever I need a quick and satisfying dinner with leftover hotpot ingredients. This recipe uses paper-thin pork slices (shabu shabu or sukiyaki) which cooks in seconds, though you can easily substitute this recipe with chicken thigh cubes or thinly sliced beef.

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When cooked and served in a claypot (nabe) as shown, this dish is also known as nabeyaki udon (鍋焼きうどん), though you can use any casserole, pot and serving bowl.

Udon Noodle Soup Recipe

To get a springy udon (うどん) texture with a ‘bite’, do not overcook the udon noodles. I dish them out of the boiling water right after the noodles separates, drain them in a strainer and run tap water immediately over the noodles before serving.

Udon Noodle Soup with Pork Recipe

9 comments on “Udon Noodle Soup with Pork”

  1. I am not kidding. I made similar hotpot-style noodle soup as well, regularly during winter the past few months. With the sliced pork, the soup was just light and flavorful 很清甜! And believe it or not, I had the same thought when I was drafting/writing my post about it – it is hotpot-style over the stove, same as “i cook the hotpot for you” style :p

    • I have come to realise we both have very similar taste buds and cooking style :) …. though I am more on the “eat rubbish”, hahaha….

  2. Delicious and flavourful, love the thick texture of udon.

  3. This is such a comforting bowl…I love udon noodles…and your thinly sliced pork just sound wonderful…beautiful pictures!
    Hope you are enjoying your week Wiffy :)

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  5. Hi, love yr receipes!!! Where to buy udon? Ntuc ? Any brand that you reccomend?

    • NTUC home brand has a good springy texture, but it contains food stabilizers. Otherwise just get any brand with only 3 ingredients “flour, salt and water”.

  6. Hi, I tried this recipe and my kids enjoyed the broth. However, the udon I bought has a sour taste after cooking it. I bought “Fortune” brand. I would like to ask if udon has natural sour taste or is the brand of the udon? Thanks.

    • No I don’t think it’s supposed to have a sour taste. I’ve not tried Fortune brand before. I usually use NTUC home brand as it has a nice bite.

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