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Three Cups Mushrooms

Three Cups Mushrooms

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Mushrooms lovers will love this vegetarian variation of the Taiwanese three cups chicken recipe of three cups mushrooms (三杯菇), using fresh shiitake mushrooms. I have leftover sweet basil leaves and decided to cook a three cups dish. Since we just had the chicken version a week ago, I made a meatless variation this time.

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“Three Cups” refers to the trio combination of sesame oil, soy sauce and Chinese wine, but it does not mean using one cup each of the condiment – rather, equal parts (1:1:1) of each depending on the quantity you are cooking. The 1:1:1 formula is flexible too, for example, I always use less soy sauce with more Chinese wine and sesame oil. The mushrooms cook quickly (about 5 minutes of simmering), so this is a great side dish on busy nights. Three cups dishes are traditionally cooked in a claypot, but you can always use a regular wok or pan if you do not have one.

Three Cups Mushrooms

20 comments on “Three Cups Mushrooms”

  1. I spy flower-shaped carrots! They are so cute!

  2. Hi… I love this dish! Anyway, instead of using shiitake mushrooms, can we use dried mushrooms for this dish?

    • Yes you can. But you need to soak the dried mushrooms in hot water first to soften. And the simmering/braising time will be longer as compared to using fresh mushrooms to become tenderly cooked, so you have to adjust the water and condiments accordingly too.

  3. I love a sauce like this that’s easy to remember. Sounds great with the shitakes too!

  4. The ingredients into your 3-cup mushrooms are very 丰富 with those carrots! :)

  5. hi ,
    mind to share where u get the fresh basil leaves from ?
    the closest i can find are dried ones selling at ntuc and coldstorage .

    • can get sweet basil at Giant, Supermarket and NTUC but they may not carry it daily. I personally find that Giant sells it the cheapest.

  6. hi,
    Loved your dish, unfortunately they don’t have basil in Vietnam, so i used spinach instead!
    was still yummy tho!

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