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Thai Fish Cakes

Thai fish cakes (before deep frying)

Thai fish cakes (before deep frying)

Thai Fish Cakes Recipe

You may use instant fish paste sold at the supermarket as a short-cut for this recipe, though I personally prefer using fresh fish fillets for this recipe. If you do not have a blender (step 1), finely chop/mince the fish meat first before combining the fish paste ingredients in a bowl.


  • 150 grams white-flesh fish meat
  • 2 tbsp Thai red curry paste
  • 1/2 egg beaten
  • 1 tbsp corn flour (corn starch)
  • 4 kaffir lime leaves finely snipped
  • 5 French beans ends trimmed and thinly sliced
  • vegetable oil for deep frying; enough to submerge the fish cakes

Dipping Sauce

  • 1 tsp Thai fish sauce
  • 2 tbsp Thai sweet chilli
  • 1 tbsp roasted peanuts pounded
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped cucumbers


  1. In a blender, pulse together fish, curry paste, egg, corn flour and lime leaves until a smooth paste is formed. Add chopped French beans to fish paste and mix in evenly. Divide and shape fish paste to 8 round fish cakes.
  2. Heat oil in wok, deep fryer or pot to 180°C (356°F). Deep fry fish cakes in batches until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Drain excess oil on tempura paper before serving.
  3. Prepare dipping sauce by mixing fish sauce and Thai sweet chilli. Transfer to a dipping saucer and top with peanuts and cucumbers.
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22 comments on “Thai Fish Cakes”

  1. Wiffy, you mentioned curry paste in the instruction but none in the ingredients. What kind of curry paste?
    Thanks in advance, love your blog!

  2. Hello! Step 1 in the recipe says curry paste but the ingredients don’t state what kind or how much. Think you accidentally left it out? :)

  3. Hi! I am one of your silent readers and this is my first time commenting. I really enjoy your recipes as they are easy to follow. Thai fish cakes are yummy and I hope to try your recipe soon. No more settling for pre-made frozen ones! :p

  4. Hi wiffy,
    Which brand of curry paste u are using? Any photo of them?
    Can’t wait to try, it one my hubby favorite dish.
    Thanks for ur hardwork. Your website, taught my hubby cook alot of dishes too.

    • Hi Celestine, I just grabbed a brand randomly off the supermarket shelves and in this case, Dancing Chef brand, which works out well for this recipe!

  5. Yummy…What are some examples of white-flesh fish?

    • Hi Jac, any fish you see selling at the wet market/supermarket which is white flesh Eg Batang fish (cheap and easy to extract meat), Tenggiri, Tioman, etc….

  6. I also like Thai food but don’t cook them often enough at home as I don’t usually have Thai (pantry and fresh) ingredients ready in the kitchen.
    Guess what, among all the Thai dishes, Thai fish cakes is also one of my favorites. :) Some of my other favorites are Tom Yum Soup, Ground Chicken/Pork with Basil (so good with rice!), and stuffed (boneless) chicken wings (only in some Thai eateries).

    • Tom Yum soup! That’s my next cooking experiment (to make it from scratch). And also pandan chicken. Hungry….

    • Hi Wiffy

      I am going to try this recipe soon, it is just so tempting to take a bite! ;o).
      Can you put Thai Green Curry into your cooking experiment list too? I am sure this dish will go well with this Thai Fish Cake and your Pineapple Fried Rice! Oh yes, your Pineapple Fried Rice is delicious. I tried and my family enjoy it!


    • Green curry is definitely on my list too! glad to hear that the pineapple rice was well received, thank you!

  7. Looks delicious! We loved to order this in the Thai restaurant.

  8. Thanks for the recipe, Wiffy! I love Thai food and this is one of it. Tried it at home today and the family loves it. Please come up with more thai recipes, please!

    Many thanks! :)

  9. Hello! I would like to try it out tomorrow :) May I know what brand of Thai Sweet Chilli should I get? And can it work using Phillips Air Fryer? Any recipe to do so? Haha. Thanks!

  10. I would like to know if I can’t find kafffir lime leaves in Arizona, can I subsitute lime zest or lime leaves instead? What if I don’t put any of the lime ingredients, will there be any difference in the fish cakes? Please advice me because my husband and i really love to eat this dish. Thanks!

    • You can try to substitute with lime leaves, personally I don’t think lime zest is the same. The kaffir limes leave give the fish cakes a unique taste, but it can be omitted if you really can’t find it (have you tried the Asian grocery store)?

    • Hi Wiffy, thanks so much for your advice. Yes, I have gone to several Asian Supermarkets her in Phoenix Arizona but no luck! I guess I’ve to use normal lime leaves instead. My husband and I recently just went to a Thai resturant and we ordered this starter dish (exactly the same as yours) and we love it so much. It was pretty expensive, we paid just 5 fish cakes for U$8.95. That’s when I google for this recipe, I was so glad to find your website! Thanks again!

    • I’m sure your lime leaves will work out well as well. Happy cooking!

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